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Building The Silk Purse - Step-By-Step

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Table&Wiring Harness Control Box Detail

Your table, wiring, and electrical system can all be constructed in advance.

Close up of on/off switch, circuit breaker, reversing switch, power/lap counter hookups.
Electrical Access Form Fitted Infield
Mark final location of Formica racing surface and cut out for power tap(s), reed switches. A form fitting infield is cut out with a carpet knife using the Formica laminate as a template.
Soldering Power Taps No More Lifted Rails !!
Power taps are soldered to the rail's bottom half and ground to clear the lane coding. Use the 3M system provided to lay a solid bead of slow setting epoxy in the rail slot.
Rail Installation Start Rail Installation Process
Locate the power tap at the access point and lay out the coiled rail and lane coding. Move the Railsetter ahead slowly and work the lane coding down flush directly behind.
Rail Overlap Practice Makes Perfect
Grind a taper through each end so that the rail overlaps and test fit into place. The Railsetter located the rail while the lane coding held it in place until the epoxy cured. Perfect !!

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