21st Century Tracks WHAT YOU'LL NEED

Tools And Equipment Required

 Belt sander, disc sander or sanding block

Carpenter's level, T-square, or other straight edge
Dial calipers and/or feeler gauges
Dremel Moto Tool w/accessories or similar
Permanent felt tip marker
Electric drill and sabre saw w/fine blade or hand router
Soldering iron
Dead weight (bricks, cinder blocks, etc.)
Diamond whetstone (optional)

Materials And Supplies Required

062" piano wire, brass tubing, or other soft metal stock

Sandpaper in assorted grits
Yellow carpenter's wood glue
Clear wood sanding sealer
Clear silicone gel
Plenty of lint free rags
Odorless paint thinner, naptha, acetone (optional), similar cleaners
60/40 lead-tin solder with paste flux

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