ACE Products Frequently Asked Questions

ACE Matrix 30* Aluminum, What Is It?

Simply stated, ACE Matrix 30* Aluminum is a high performance metal matrix composite manufactured through advances in powdered metallurgy consisting of an aluminum alloy together with boron carbide. The ACE graph tells the story. ACE Matrix 30 exhibits up to 30% more specific strength than the best commercially available aluminum alloy used by other slot car manufactures.

What Is VDNC Coating On ACE Chassis?

Vacuum Deposited Nickel Coating (VDNC) is the strongest nickel coating available on the market. It provides superior adhesion to the base metal (aluminum or steel) than traditional nickel plating bath solutions. From Boxstock through G7, ACE Products is the only slot car manufacturer to offer a VDNC plated chassis.

Where Should I Add Weight To My ACE Chassis?

The best place to add weight to an ACE chassis is at the guide tongue area. A brass guide nut for racing or additional lead weight of - 1 grams should be added to improve starting in heavy glue conditions.

ACE Boxstock chassis should add 2pcs. of 3/16" diameter x 1" length brass rod at the end of each weight pan, flush with the bottom of the chassis. Boxstock cars should weigh 72 grams race ready.

Where Can I Purchase ACE Products?

Always check with your local raceway first. Click on the ACE Raceway dealer link to purchase ACE Products from your favorite raceway nationwide.

*A leading Metal Matrix Technologies Co. manufactures ACE Matrix 30 for ACE Products.