ACE Products Win Again!

ACE Chassis Dominate 2001 Barnburner at Port Jeff!

New ACE II Chassis Sizzles The Competition

ACE Chassis 1st, 2nd, 3rd Pro Boxstock
Larry Pellegrini 1st Place Pro Boxstock
Dennis Luttenberger TQ & 2nd Pro Boxstock
Jason Bauer 3rd Place Pro Boxstock
Nick Nagle TQ (track record) Amateur Boxstock
Jim H. 1st Place Amateur Boxstock
Frank Sena 2nd Place Amateur Boxstock
Harry P. 3rd Place Amateur Boxstock
DDDDDerek 4th Place Amateur Boxstock
ACE Chassis/Magnets Win G7 Pro

Forrest Watchers Wins G7 Pro Warm-Up Race

Randy Thompson Wins C12 & G7 Semi-Pro
Mike Graversen 2nd Place G7 Semi-Pro
Forrest Watchers 2nd Place G7 Pro
Vlado Okali 3rd Place G7 Pro

ACE Chassis Dominate USRA Nats 2000

31 Top eight finishes (over 2X as many as the next chassis manufacturer)

4 first places, 4 second places, 3 TQs, 1 G27 TQ World Record @ 1.816

Ace Chassis in more Top 3 and Top 8 finishes than any other manufacturer

Keith Bauer Wins Amateur Boxstock- ACE Chassis
Brian Greco 1st place Pro Boxstock - ACE Chassis
Dennis Luttenburger TQ Pro Boxstock - ACE Chassis

7 of 8 main event finishers in Amateur Boxstock used ACE chassis

1st place, 2nd place, 8th place and TQ in Pro Boxstock

Wendell Smith Wins Amateur C12-ACE Chassis/Magnets

Jeff Bechtel 4th place Mike Graverson 5th place

Connie Aloise 2nd & TQ Pro-C12 Chassis/Magnets

Carlos Aloise 3rd place Jim Swofford 7th place

4 of 8 G27 Amateur Main used ACE Chassis/Magnets

Wendell Smith 4th Randy Thompson 6th
Erkle 7th Mike Graverson 8th

Connie Aloise Sets G27 TQ World Record @ 1.816

ACE chassis/magnets TQ 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 4 of 8 G27 Pro main

Connie"TQ"Aloise 3rd Assi Maisenbacher 6th
Vlado Okali 7th Carlos Aloise 8th
Connie Aloise Wins G7 Semi-Pro, ACE 1st & 2nd.

Connie "TQ" Aloise 1st place ACE Chassis/Magnets

Jim Swofford 2nd place
ACE Chassis 4 of 8 G7 Pro Main, 2nd TQ & 3rd TQ
Vlado Okali 4th Kerry Champion 6th
Carlos Aloise 7th Forrest Watchers 8th
ACE SWEEPS 2000 BP 500 - G7 TQ @1.702 & 1105 Laps!
G7 Pro 1st Carlos Aloise 2nd Gil Gunderson
3rd Forrest Watchers
Top 3 Places in G7 Pro used ACE "6" Mags. & ACE-II Matrix Chassis
C12 1st Carlos Aloise 2nd Randy Thompson
G27 TQ Forrest Watchers 2nd G27 Carlos Aloise
ACE Chassis/ACE "6" Mags G7 Semi Pro 1st Place Mike Graverson
ACE Boxstock chassis
1st Pro Boxstock Sam Rackham 1st Amateur Boxstock Rick Elting
TQ Bill Pinkston

One ACE Chassis Wins European Championships G27 & G7!!

Vlado Okali 1st G27 & TQ New track Record.

Horky 1st G7 & TQ New Track Record

Vlado and Horky used the same ACE Chassis to TQ and win both G27 & G7

ACE Boxstock Chassis: New World Record at Port Jeff

Larry Pelegrini 1st Pro Boxstock World Lap Record
ACE Boxstock Chassis Dominate Boxstock Am. & Pro At Northeast Nats

ACE Chassis Wins Pro G27 at Port Jeff Northeast Nats

Boyt Johnson 1st place Pro G27 on 2001 Nats Track

New Records: Manufacturers Cup - DJs Turkey Nats

ACE Magnets/Chassis
TQ & New Track Record C12 Connie Aloise
G7 TQ @ 1.694 New Record, 3rd place Carlos Aloise
2nd G27 Mike Graverson
2nd place Boxstock Doug Gaut
 3rd place Boxstock Jim Swoffor
Photos courtesy of Buena Park Raceway