Getting The Most From ACE Products

Update Your #ACE-141 Boxstock Chassis

#ACE II-144 is a complete kit to update the ACE-140/141-USRA 2000 Nats Champion to the 2001 ACE II-140/141 model. The new update kit includes new pillow blocks with a new top brace holder, 2 pillow block "U" upright supports, and a guide tongue support & weight piece that solders to the top of the tongue. Initial track tests have shown an improvement in lap times along with added nose weight and extra support in critical areas.

Assembly Instructions for #ACE II-142

#ACE II-142 Boxstock chassis provides two different motor brace configurations for different tracks or varying conditions. The integral motor brace is for flatter tracks or where more bite is desired. The solder on motor brace (you must cut off the integral brace with an abrasive cut off wheel), is intended for the newer higher banked tracks or for the more experienced driver who demands a looser and quicker chassis configuration.

The following are some of the items needed for assembly:

2 pieces of .050" S.S. tubing, and 2 pieces of 1/8"dia. x 1 1/8" long brass rod weights.

Always were Safety Glasses when soldering or using the abrasive cut-off wheel!

With the abrasive cut-off wheel, carefully cut-off the attached components and grind all remaining protrusions flush with the sides of the chassis.

Note: You do not need to cut all the way through the attached points of the components, a cut partially through will allow you to make a clean break with the chassis.

If you are going to use the solder on motor brace, then you need to cut off the integral motor brace flush with the chassis rails with an abrasive cut-off wheel. Make sure to break all the pillow blocks corners that may interfere with the slots in the chassis. Use Silver solder for the pillow blocks, and motor brace area. Slip the .050" S.S. tubing through the upper holes of the pillow blocks and solder with 60-40% solder in place. Carefully trim the excess tubing flush to side of pillow blocks.

Assemble the rest of the chassis using 60-40% solder. Note: The guide tongue support piece must be soldered on the top of the guide tongue area. Match the rear radius to the chassis matching guide tongue radius for the proper location. Be sure to allow for proper clearance for guide nut wrench. Solder the "A" style body mounts 6 places, and the "U" upright pillow block supports 2 places (Note: only needed if using integral motor brace).

It is required (for USRA competition) that you solder the front .050" S.S. pin tubes in place (No floaters allowed). We suggest that you float the rear body mounts using .050" S.S. tubing with brass keepers (provided) on the inside portion of the chassis, allowing 1/32" side to side movement of the rear pin tube.

Use body pins for wheel mounts on the forward portion of the outside rails. Solder the gold plated lead wire-retaining clip (provided) on top of the rear portion of the guide tongue brace to finish assembling your ACE Boxstock chassis kit.

Print and draw the ACE Boxstock template. Cut around perimeter out of .005" Mylar.

How to keep your ACE chassis looking like NEW!

After you have soldered all the components to the chassis, wash carefully with warn water and soap. Then take "Mothers Chrome and Aluminum Polish" and with a toothbrush, brush the chassis until you achieve the desired shine. Wipe down with a rag, and wash with soap and water completely. You can repeat this procedure over the racing season and keep your ACE chassis looking like new.

ACE C12 Wing Template for #ACE II-010 Chassis

Print and draw the ACE C12 template. Cut around perimeter out of .005" Mylar for C12 Wing. Use .005" spoiler 1-3/4" high, and Viper body.