International 15

All General Rules apply

A) Motor

1. Can must be mass produced, and be commercially available, as defined in section IX General Rules Cut outs and machine work are allowed.

2. Can inside dimension minimums are defined as not less than:

a) Length: No restrictions

b) Width: 0.835 inches (21.209mm)

c) Height: No restrictions

3. Magnets must be ceramic. Magnets containing rare earth materials (defined as elements with atomic weights 58 through 71) are not allowed. No neodymiurn magnets or materials allowed.

4. Ball Bearings are allowed

B) Armature

1. Must be tagged with at least the number 15, and mass produced by a USRA approved manufacturer.

2. Must be machine wound with a minimum of 50 series wound turns of AWG #29 wire per pole. AWG #29 wire, excluding insulation, is 0.0112 - 0.0114 inches diameter.

3. Must be commercially available as defined in General Rules, Section IX

4. Armature stack lamination length shall be a minimum of .440 inches (11.1761mm). See Armature Stack Length section for clarification.

5. Retail price may not exceed $25.47 US

C) Chassis

1. No chassis restrictions. Any material may be used.

2. Racer constructed chassis are specifically allowed.

3. Ball bearings allowed