Your Home Appearance Checklist

Marketing a home is a TEAM effort! I also need your help to get you the most money for your home, within the shortest period of time, without problems.

First Impressions Count

  • In the summer, a well manicured lawn and cleanly swept walks.

  • Please remember to edge along the sidewalks.

  • Snow and ice removed from walks and driveways.

  • Freshly painted front door and mailbox -- Replace front door screen if necessary

  • Yard and driveway free of clutter.

  • Clean windows.

  • Trimmed trees and shrubs.

  • Broken outdoor steps repaired.

Cleaning and Decorating Sells

The following tips help bring a higher selling price:

  • Fresh paint wherever possible.

  • Clean ventilating fans in the kitchen and bath.

  • Kitchen floor in like new condition.

  • Absence of clutter on kitchen counters.

  • Dripping faucets repaired.

  • Clean towels in the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Loose knobs, warped drawers and sticking windows/doors repaired.

  • Fireplace cleaned and filled with logs.

  • Working light bulbs and switches -- especially in basements and closets.

  • Caulking in tubs and showers in good repair.

  • Excess furniture removed and stored elsewhere.

  • Excess clothing removed from closets and stored elsewhere.

Prepare For Showing

  • Make your home as appealing as possible.

  • Open draperies and curtains and turn on all lights (darkness depresses and makes rooms seem small)

  • Turn off television sets. Turn on the stereo; playing some soft, low-keyed music is pleasant.

  • Put cats or dogs in the yard.

  • Fresh flowers whenever possible make a good impression (if it's winter, display a picture of your yard in full bloom).

  • Don't volunteer to answer unasked questions ("This is a family neighborhood" really DOES turn off some buyers).

  • Remove dirty dishes.

  • Please make beds when possible.

  • Try to stay in one area of the house when it's being shown (Your presence, or your children's, will make the buyer uncomfortable, and he/she will miss noting the fine features of your home).

  • Let the Realtor who is showing your home answer any questions or objections.