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Participants race around a colorful professional slot car race track controlling the speed of their car by pressing a trigger on a plastic hand-held controller. Each driver is allowed to choose a color car or NASCAR, which also corresponds to the color of the lane that the car will follow around the course. After all drivers are introduced to their race cars a short “how to race” presentation is given and then THEY’RE OFF! A digital lap counter displays each driver’s laps and we announce the action throughout the race. We can entertain approximately 120 racers per hour with a 6-lane track. THIS IS FAR MORE THAN JUST A KID'S GAME!

This is an ideal and very exciting racing experience for a group of kids, adults or best yet, the entire family! The cars are fast and there is always one turn on the track that drivers have to slow down for to keep the car from crashing. A variable output DC power supply controls the power and can be adjusted to enable the very little tykes to make laps without crashing if needed. There is absolutely NO DANGER associated with the race track or any of its accessories. Although we don’t allow racers or spectators to put their hands on the track surface, they would not get shocked by any electrical current even if they did. In 10 years of exhibiting at events we have had absolutely no injuries.


As members of the Western Fairs Association we have been successfully entertaining as commercial exhibitors at Fairs, Festivals, Car Shows & Races in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico & Oregon since 1996. During that time we have also performed for parties and corporate functions. For several years we wowed staff of TV 3, KTVK in Phoenix, AZ during their Children's Christmas party; we provided Hot Racing Action for staff of Phoenix Int’l Raceway in Phoenix, AZ; and several years were the center attraction for the American Oil Changers Convention. As a Special note for one (AOCA) in Atlanta the convention was held in conjunction with an annual fundraiser...a slot car track brought in almost $10,000 for charities!


Electrical requirements are a minimum of 110-volt, 10-amp. We have a generator if needed. We have EZ-Up canopies but prefer to have a canopy provided or to be placed inside a building.  No dirt areas, please. The ground does not need to be level in case we are placed in an uneven grassy area as the tracks have adjustable legs. More tracks are available for larger areas.

Space requirements depend on the track size:

4'x10’ 4 lane tracks require 10x10’ space.
7'x16’ 6 lane tracks require 10x20’ space.
12'x25’ 8 lane track requires 20x30’ space.


We are insured through Hartford and have 2 million dollars coverage as required by most events.


Racing fans, don’t get mad get glad!! NASCAR is very definitely now an American Tradition and with Cruzin’ your fun seekers can truly get the feeling of RAW Speed!! Get on the fast track – Get Cruzin’! Although we feature NASCAR bodies, we also have Sprints and many other varieties are available.

We very much look forward to working with you!

Cruzin' Track Systems
Cruzin' Slot Car Track Systems

4'x10' 4 lane Oval & Race Equipment Boola Mini King Home Page
Boola Mini-King Slide Show
7'x16' 6 Lane Oval
TSRF 24 with Tamiya Porsche GT 1.
Body by Rich Vecchio of PASA in Roseburg, OR.
TSRF 24 Revell Porsche 962 & Parma Modified FCR/Revell NASCAR. Body by Lisciandra.
Parma modified FCR chassis with Revell NASCAR.  Pro Track tires/rims.

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