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Follow the instructions below to calculate your monthly payment. The payment shown does not include taxes, insurance, or association dues which may significantly affect your total cost of property ownership.


Loan Calculator

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How To Use The Calculator:
1. The first field represents your mortgage amount. Valid entries fall in the range 100-10,000,000.
For example, enter 225,000
2. Enter the number of months in the second field. Valid entries fall in the range 1-480.
For example, enter 360 for a typical 30 year loan
3. Enter the current interest rate in the third field. Valid entries fall in the range .0010-99.
For example, enter 6.25 for a 6.25% mortgage rate
Click the COMPUTE button to calculate. Click the CLEAR button to clear the fields.
The figures provided in the example above are purely for informational purposes.