#DD530 H.O. Controller

Difalco Design, the number one name in custom 1/24th slot car controllers, is coming to H.O. racing. Our controllers have won over 80% of all classes held at the 1/24th USRA Div. 1 Nationals the last 8 years. Our line of 1/24th “E”Motion electronic transistor controllers have quickly become known for their innovative features, reliability and ease of maintenance.


  • Computer designed and labeled circuit board. Wiper bands are nickel plated for durability and will not tarnish.

  • Ten wiper band contacts instead of eight for smoother power application and more control than eight band designs.

  • Exclusive computer routed fiberglass frame. Will not cause shorts and keeps wiring neat.

  • Electronic transistor design has a wide range sensitivity pot to control all types of H.O. cars. No wiper band arcing.

  • Heavy duty 10 gauge silicone wire and floating silver power contact. Lower voltage drop than 14 gauge wire for more power to your car.

  • New Acu-Pivot Trigger Pin reduces bushing play to a minimum and keeps that new controller feel.

  • Circuit protection. Resettable fuse on brake circuit automatically starts working after hook up is corrected. Reverse polarity diode protects transistor from damage.

  • Incredibly simple design. No hidden components! Our controllers can be repaired by any racer! Complete instructions describing features, maintenance and troubleshooting included.

  • Dual polarity - simple, tamper resistant plug system switches between positive and negative polarity tracks.

  • Brake/Off/Coast switch with full range brake/electronic coast pot. Electronic coast uses the transistor to power the car instead of a rheostat which can burn out more easily.

  • No brake post required! Unlike other transistor controllers you don't need a brake connection to make this controller work! Electronic coast feature still functions also.


  • Electronic Choke. Simply turn down the separate choke pot to reduce track power to the car when needed. Makes fast cars more drivable on tight twisty tracks and boosts your race lap totals.

  • “Fanatic” feature. This feature sets Difalco Design controllers apart from everybody else! An individual adjustment pot on each band is used to instantly change the controllers power curve for the ultimate control! With the turn of a small screwdriver you can make each band more or less sensitive. Tune any car to any track or driving style!

(All Prices Retail)

DD515 - H.O. Pro Plus Controller. All standard features listed above. For everything from T-Jets to Unlimited cars! $220
Front View  Rear View

DD520 - H.O. Pro Plus Controller. All the features of the DD515 model with optional choke feature. $250
Front View  Rear View

DD525 - H.O. Fanatic Controller. All standard features listed above with Fanatic option added. $250
Front View  Rear View

DD530 - H.O. Fanatic Controller. Top of the line! Standard features, Fanatic option and electronic choke. $280
Front View  Rear View

DD550 - Power Transistor. Replacement power transistor. $11

DD551 - Brake/Coast Switch. Replacement switch used to select brake or coast feature. $8

DD552 - Brake Coast Pot. Replacement pot used to adjust brakes or coast power. $12

We make custom versions of our controllers and modules for 1/32 home set cars like Ninco, Scalectrix, Carrera, etc. These controllers have special sensitivity and brake ranges. Dual polarity option is also available for negative and positive wired tracks.  We will be listing various controller and module models for this racing in the near future. For now, please contact Jim at Difalco Design for our recommendation of which controller or module will meet your specific needs and for pricing.


Difalco Design H.O. controllers are sold and distributed by Difalco Design and Wizzard High Performance. Commercial discounts are available to retail businesses. Club or mail order customers without a local raceway or hobby shop please contact Wizzard High Performance or Difalco Design for ordering information. Please support your local raceway that gives you a place to race by buying our products there when possible. Check out the Wizzard High Performance web site for their extensive line of H.O. cars, accessories and informative H.O. bulletin board.

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