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Difalco Design Controller Modules
#DD229 "E"Motion Pro Plus Module

All modules now use our "E"MOTION 2 15 band circuit board. Our new slotted circuit board mounts lower in a turbo frame for much better alignment with the wiper arm. New slots also locate the circuit board from top to bottom and side to side for easier assembly. This also keeps the circuit board much flatter after installation. You also have the option to solder the fuse on the circuit board instead of in the lower handle which simplifies wiring.


DD229-15 - "E"MOTION PRO PLUS MODULE. Economy type brake rheostat combined with our larger heat sink/transistor module. Great choice for racers who want our lowest priced unit that will run 16D to Group 7 motors. $89

DD225-15 - "E"MOTION PLUS CONTROLLER MODULE. Designed to run from 16D to Group 7 motors. Same as DD229 but has Pro Brake Rheostat with off position. Larger heat sink/transistor module. Plug and play components. Auxiliary holes for Choke Bypass or mush button switches. $109


DD230-15 - "E"MOTION FANATIC MODULE. Features economy type brake rheostat, larger heat sink/transistor module, and 10 resistance pots for individual band adjustment. For 16D to Group 7 motors. $116

DD231-15 - "E"MOTION FANATIC MODULE. All the great features of the DD230 module but with Pro Brake Rheostat upgrade, our top of the line module. $136


DD217 - DUAL POLARITY KIT. High amperage silver plated connectors to convert all "E"MOTION modules and controllers to work on both polarity tracks! Color coded to indicate polarity. $11.00
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DD228-10 - "E"MOTION 1 BYPASS SWITCH KIT. For original 10 band "E"MOTION 1 controllers and modules. Can be used as mush button. Solders right on rear edge of circuit board for easy thumb operation! Reduces sensitivity for pulling through glue zones after track calls and de-slotting. Saves laps. A must for wing cars on sticky stacks. $12.50

DD228-15 "E"MOTION 2 BYPASS SWITCH KIT. For new "E"MOTION 2 controllers and modules. Used as mush button to reduce controller sensitivity. Helps car pull through glue zones after tracks calls and de-slotting. Solders on rear or front edge locations on circuit board. Saves laps. A must for wing cars on sticky tracks. $12.50

DD242 - D.I.Y. FRAME AND WIRE KIT. Build an original Difalco Design controller from scratch! Kit includes our fiberglass frame, hardware, trigger shunt and 10 gauge wire (DD904 kit). Pick any "E"MOTION module. Use an existing controller handle, trigger and clips and this kit. Do the work yourself an save! We recommend this kit instead of rewiring a Turbo frame. You will have a better controller and it will be easier to build. $32.00