AVAILABILITY: Difalco Design manufactures a complete line of high quality slot car controllers, components, parts and accessories for any scale of slot car and for all kinds of racing applications. Except for H.O. controllers Difalco Design does not sell direct to the general public. If your favorite commercial raceway or hobby shop doesn't carry Difalco Design please refer them to these authorized distributors:

Eagle Distributing

Crawley Distributing

USA Raceways/Distributors
60 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, Ct. 0681
Phone: (203) 739-0108
Fax: (203) 739-0109
REH Distributing
4415 Marburg Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Phone: (800) 543-7414
Fax: (513) 871-0330

ERI Associates
50 N. Harrison Ave.
Congers, N.Y. 10920
Phone: (845) 268-5090
Fax: (845) 268-0462
Email: eridist@aol.com

Overseas dealer and distributor inquires to sell Difalco Design products are invited.

HELP: Contact Jim at (772) 334-1987 if you have any questions. Call first before you ship controller back for repair or a problem, we can usually solve it over the phone.

REPAIR SERVICES: We can refurbish your old controller to restore it’s original feel, performance and reliability. Install any replacement parts or kits. Install one of our modules on your turbo frame. Upgrade your Difalco Design resistor controller to an “E”motion transistor model. Upgrade your “E”motion controller to a Fanatic version. Upgrade from our smaller to larger “E”motion heat sink to handle faster motors. Almost anything you can think of to improve your slot racing experience. Contact Jim for price quote or information.

SERVICE ESTIMATE: Call Jim for estimate on your repair or installation. We will usually be able to return your controller within two weeks by UPS COD. Ask about faster service. Always include your name, address, phone number and an explanation of problem with controller. We always provide a full invoice showing labor, parts and shipping costs. We also allow prepayment of repairs if you can’t receive a COD and will refund any overpayment. We do not accept credit cards at this time.


Difalco Design H.O. controllers are sold and distributed by Difalco Design and Wizzard High Performance. Commercial discounts are available to retail businesses. Club or mail order customers without a local raceway or hobby shop please contact Wizzard High Performance or Difalco Design for ordering information. Please support your local raceway that gives you a place to race by buying our products there when possible. Check out the Wizzard High Performance web site for their extensive line of H.O. cars, accessories and informative H.O. bulletin board.

Wizzard High Performance, Inc.