Difalco Design "E"Motion Controller

Difalco Design announces the 15 band "E"MOTION 2 controllers and modules.
Also new are two of your favorite controllers at a super new price.
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TRACK POLARITY: All modules can be wired for positive or negative polarity tracks. Polarity on Fanatic models can be switched simply by reversing two wires on transistor. You can also add Dual Polarity Kit DD217 if you regularly race on both polarity tracks.

EASY INSTALLATION: Circuit board mounts via two brackets to any Turbo type frame or Difalco Design type using red/blue circuit board design. The heat sink/transistor module solders across the main wires. Color coded wires, labeled circuit board and text drawings make for easy hookup. We also include spring post for better trigger action on Turbo frames. Only six solder joints!


Fanatic modules and controllers have an adjustable resistance pot on each band! With the turn of a screwdriver you can instantly adjust the wiper band response to suit any track, car or driving style!


DESIGN: All "E"Motion controllers are built on our fiberglass frame with floating silver power contact, stainless steel hardware, and heavy duty 10 gauge wire. Our circuit board is nickel plated and will not need to be oiled or corrode like plain copper designs.

SENSITIVITY: Our new wider range sensitivity pot replaces our original range switch design.

BRAKES: Difalco Design controllers give you better brakes! Other designs use the circuit board and skinny wires to carry braking current which adds resistance to the brake circuit and increases the car's braking distance. Economy rheostats have proven very reliable and are a good choice. Our special 2 ohm Pro Brake Rheostats are heavier duty and have a smaller range for more precise braking control.

POWER: Difalco Design controllers can deliver more power to the track! "E"Motion relay controllers use heavy 10 gauge wire and a 40 amp relay for maximum power to your car.

TRACK POLARITY: Fanatic positive polarity models can easily be switched to negative polarity just by switching two soldered wires. If you regularly run on both polarity tracks we recommend you purchase a dual polarity model for the simplest polarity conversion.

CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Our "E"Lectronic reset fuse protects the brake circuit and reverse polarity diode saves the transistor from incorrect hookup.

MAINTENANCE: "E"Motion Electronic controllers and modules are simple to maintain. Unlike resistor and diode controllers the wiper block does not carry the full car power. No wiper block arcing! No sanding! Unlike other designs "E"Motion transistor products can be easily repaired by any racer! Our transistors are inexpensive and can be changed by removing two screws and two solder joints!

1)  Modules - convert your Turbo controller to a full function electronic controller with our inexpensive modules. You save over $124 by doing the work yourself compared to our factory assembled unit.
2)  Module and DD242 D.I.Y. Frame Kit - Build our factory controller from scratch!  You get our exclusive fiberglass frame, hardware and 10 gauge wire. Just add this kit to the module of your choice.
3)  Controller - Factory assembled controllers have a wide array of options and a price range for any budget. Our controllers are built solid for years of use with little maintenance. The choice of top racers around the world! 


Our controllers are built  with the best components!  Our controllers and modules are easily upgraded to the next option. Our controllers are designed to be repaired by any racer with parts available from your raceway. No need to send it back to the guy who built it and wait six weeks to get it back. Our customer service is the best and most responsive of any controller maker if you need it. The most important reason is our 33 years in slot car racingDifalco Design will be here to serve you no matter what you need.


"E"Motion Fanatic models come in three performance levels. The first level has our Economy rheostat, the next level has our Pro Brake Rheostat, and top of the line models also have our Blast Full Power Relay. The last option to choose is the extra convenience of our Dual Polarity Plug system. Whichever model you choose, all Difalco Design controllers and modules can be easily upgraded to the next model in the future.

Please contact Jim at Difalco Design if you have any questions about which model is best for you.

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