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 USRA Group 7 National Champion
Paul "Beuf" Pederson

  Paul "Beuf" Pederson
Photo courtesy of Balance By Beuf


All Controller Products Meticulously Hand Crafted By Dan Ruddock


Designed For ALL Types Of Slot Car Racing, ALL Types Of Slot Cars, On ALL Types Of Slot Car Tracks !!

Arrow Transistorized Architecture Eliminates Arcing And Pitting For The Smoothest Trigger Action Possible
Arrow Lightweight Handle Engineered For Low Fatigue Racing
Arrow Wide Range Of Sensitivity Adjustment
Arrow Circuit Board Frame With Integrated Contact Block Ensures Accurate Alignment
Arrow Fully Fused For Maximum Reliability
Arrow Generous Heat Sinks For Maximum Dissipation
Arrow Preferred Choice Of Top Racers Worldwide Since 1993
Customizing Options:
Choke Bypass For Group 7 Racing Dual-Polarity For The Diversity In Track Wiring
Ball Bearings For Smoothest Possible Trigger Action Two Types Of Cords To Choose From
Two Types Of Brake Pots H.O. Controllers Are Also Available Through Scaleauto Distributing
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