Squat Precision Product Photos
Y02 Complete chassis made of carbon fiber material, with instructions. $105.00
High grip tires, tire tape, super lightweight wheels and tire glue to glue tires to wheels.
SS175 and SS150 wheels, lightweight and made from high strength delrin plastic.  $8.95 pr.
High output NiCad batteries by Sanyo (1100mAh) and Fuji (1000 mAh) $24.95 per 4 pak.  Also available "zapped" by Ikeda at Squat Precision ($5 extra per package) meaning high current run through the batteries allowing for higher charge.
Pinion gears 19T, 20T, 21T, 22T made from high strength delrin. $5.95 per 3 pak.
Ball bearings for axle (left) and for rollers (right).
"Modena" armature MH93 $39.95.  Hottest armature made in Japan by one of the top Fencecar racers.