Squat Fencecar Wheels & Tires
  • VE11 "Shadow" SS175 Hard plastic wheels (2), 1.6g, 17.5mm dia, 8.95mm wide $8.95
  • VE14 "Shadow" SS150 Hard plastic wheels (2), 1.4g, 15.0mm dia, 8.95mm wide $8.95
  • MH71 ZAK wheel by Mr. Yamazaki, dish type, 1.7g, 17.95mm dia, 8.01mm wide $9.95
  • MH33 Super narrow tires (4 pack) with double stick tape included.  Orange rubber. $4.75
  • MH70 Wide tires (4 pack) with double stick tape included. Orange rubber, 10mm wide. $5.00
  • MH35 Precut double stick tape for tire mounting.  Four sheets per pack. $1.25
  • SO30 Special tire glue for mounting any tires on any rims. $11.29