Tire Truing Lathe
  • Hudy The Ultimate Tire Machine $179.00

Cutting Wheels for Dremel Applications

We carry the "Tuf Grind" line of grinding wheels from House of Balsa. These work with your Dremel using an 1/8" arbor. We use these grinding wheels at our shop because they last a really long time, are very durable, and cut extremely well.

  • House of Balsa AC02 (2) 1" Tuf Grind Wheel $3.49
  • House of Balsa AC03 2" Tuf Grind Wheel with Arbor $4.49
  • House of Balsa AC04 2" Tuf Grind Wheel only $3.49
  • House of Balsa AC05 Arbor Assembly only for Tuf Grinds $1.98