Haywire Raceway !!
Southern California H.O. Racers
GTP Series Race #3

June 20, 1998 - The SCHOR crew ventured to Garry Haworth’s for the final race of the GTP series.  Mark MacVittie was over from Phoenix and a good turnout made for some great racing!  Garry had his track in perfect racing order and after we woke up his overnight guests, practice got hot and heavy.

The six-lane track lends itself to Round Robin Main events so we had everybody make the main!  This is the first time I ever remember doing this!

First up were the Amateurs and their Tyco Super Stocks.   Top Qualifier Johnny Cukras lined up with Oscar Morales, Eddie Torres, John Spencer, Matt Wakamatsu, Jim Williams, and Benito Vasquez.  Out 1st was John with Benito and Johnny tied for 2nd. Matt, Eddie, Jim, and Oscar were back a bit.  At the half way mark, Benito had climbed into the lead with John back a couple, Johnny, Oscar, Jim, Matt, and Eddie followed in that order.  Jim then started his charge and blew by some of the competition at a furious pace.  But Benito had a little in reserve and took the win.  Jim climbed up to a great 2nd, John soldiered on to 3rd, Johnny stayed with it to 4th, Oscar just a shade back in 5th, Matt was there in 6th, and Eddie had some problems and was 7th.

The Amateur Modified ’96 cars were next and a main event lined up this way.  Pole Sitter Matt Wakamatsu hooked up with Jim Williams, Benito Vasquez, Johnny Cukras, Oscar Morales, and John Spencer.  A great start had Benito take the early lead with Johnny clear in 2nd. Matt and Jim were tied for 3rd with Oscar having trouble and John out half the 1st heat.   Benito maintained and at the half way mark led Matt, now up in 2nd by a few.  Johnny was also close in 3rd with Jim, Oscar, and John falling back some.  During the 5th heat the race came back to 2nd and 3rd. Benito, on orange lane, had to give way to Johnny and Matt, the 6th heat would decide.  A furious finish had Matt take a hard fought win!  Johnny and Benito battled to the finish with Johnny taking 2nd by only 1 lap! Benito was 3rd, Oscar got by Jim on the last lap and was 4th, Jim took 5th, and John was a troubled 6th.

Best Appearing RaceCar competition had Mr. Concours taking the laurels again!  Jim Williams took 1st and 3rd places with Milt Surratt stuck in the middle again!  I lost the sheet with the car descriptions-sorry.

The Pros were also round robining today so; the Modified ’96 main event lined up this way.  Top Qualifier Rick Jocham staged with Mark MacVittie, Garry Haworth, John Wakamatsu, Milt Surratt, John Cukras, Ben Vasquez, and Chris Wiley.  Rick was quick in the 1st heat and after one led Chris in 2nd, Mark and Ben tied for 3rd, Milt was 5th, John and Waka tied in 6th, and Garry trailing.  But at the half way mark John had rid himself of orange lane in style and now led.  Milt was up in 2nd with a good charge, Rick was now 3rd, Chris down to 4th, Mark and Ben were tied, with Garry and Waka trailing.   The 2nd half of the race had John maintain and take a tough win.   Rick charged back up to 2nd, Milt podiumed in 3rd, Mark’s 1st look at the track had him 4th, Garry had a late charge to 5th, Waka continued on to 6th, Chris and Ben faded in the later stages and were 7th and 8th respectively.

The Neo Cars were next and were the pros ready?  Well, a couple of them were.  Pole Sitter Milt Surratt lined up with Eddie Torres, Ben Vasquez, John Cukras, Garry Haworth, John Wakamatsu, Chris Wiley, and Mark MacVittie.   The 1st heat was an omen for what was to come with Ben leading Milt and Chris by just a couple of laps.  Garry and Waka were a bit back, Mark and John farther back, and Eddie with immediate trouble.  At the half way mark; Milt had taken over the lead from Ben by the smallest of margins.  Garry, John, Chris, Mark, Waka were next in that order with Eddie retired.  The order basically remained the same in the 2nd half of the race with only Chris making a charge to the podium.   Milt drove to a masterful win! Ben was just a couple of laps back in 2nd, Chris charged up to 3rd, Garry ran well to 4th, John at least finished in 5th, Waka had a troubled 6th, Mark made a few stops in 7th, and Eddie retired in 8th.  A very close neo race with all the racers getting what they deserved!  A lot of fun!

A great day of racing at Garry’s.  We have another race scheduled there this year, do not miss it! Some new racers showed up for a look at SCHOR racing, hope to see them at the next event.  Some old racers showed up without their cars, Glenn Bachman, bring them next time!

- John Cukras