Haywire Raceway !!
Southern California H.O. Racers
Can Am Series Race #1

Williams Tames Tycos As Lil' John Survives Am Modified 96 Shootout!

Rock'em Sockem Rick Jocham Takes Pro Modified 96 And Neo Classes!

October 17, 1998 - A brilliant day awaited the SCHOR racers as they made their way to Garry Haworth's and Simi Valley.  No smog and no pollution from these racecars made breathing easy and competition the best.  Main events were the order of the day and after qualifying and lunch; the races commenced.

The amateurs were up first and the Tyco super stock main event was at hand.  Jim Williams ran conservative lst two heats and then opened it up and dominated the next 4 heats to a big win.  Top Qualifier Johnny Cukras dropped to third only once during the ram in his drive to a solid 2nd Place.  Glenn Bachman ran consistently in 3rd place after the lst heat on his way to a well-earned podium finish.  Oscar Morales ran 4th the whole race, not able to crack the top three, but losing very little ground.  Aaron Wakamatsu led after the 1st heat and drove to a fine 5th place finish.  After his several month layoff, Aaron looked pretty sharp!

The amateur version of Modified '96 was next, and it was a super race.  Pole sitter Johnny Cukras parlayed the most laps in a heat-that he saved for last-into a big win!  Glenn Bachman drove to his best finish since the 1980's?  His 2nd place finish happened after the top 4 driver's held the lead in heat 4 and 5.  Oscar Morales moved up to the podium in 3rd place surviving a tough orange.  Jim Williams slipped to 4th place with an out of body experience on blue.  Aaron Wakamatsu drove consistently to his 5th place finish.  More cars were needed in this field.

Best appearing racecar competition saw many of the old Can-Am cars looking their Sunday best. A lot of touch up paint from now to the sixties!  Jim Williams (I'm out of adjectives!) took top honors with his Porsche 917-30 Sunoco.  Jim was also 2nd with a Ferrari 333sp Momo-all this on a police salary?  Milt Surratt took the only place left with his Cicale Can-Am!

The Expert-Pro, Oh just enthusiasts were up next with their Mod. '96 cars, (yes, we did out qualify the amateurs this time!).   The round robin main was an excellent race with positions changing heat by heat, but at the end; the racers finished exactly as they qualified. Rick Jocham took his pole position to a very close win taking the lead for good in the final heat!

John Cukras gave up that lead and had some breathing room in 2nd.  Milt Surratt led the 2nd pack and pulled away at the end for a super 3rd.  Chris Wiley was in a race long battle with Doug Shepard and with a super last heat took 4th.  Doug ran strong all race and was just 5th.  John Wakamatsu, hobbled by his broken leg, withstood the discomfort and soldiered to 6th.   Garry Haworth was the perfect host and was 7th.

The last race of the day was upon us and the guys prepared for a Neo thing.  This race had everything you associate with a neo race, carombolodge, carnage, contretemps, etc.  Rick Jocham, staying out of trouble, and running some impressively quick laps took his 1st Neo win!  Garry Haworth with a great result on his own track, good show!  Garry edged out John, who was on the same lap, for 2nd.  John Cukras had a better result then usual with a podium 3rd.   Milt Surratt had some problems and was all alone in 4th.  Gary Morgan had fastest lap of the race when he was out there and was 5th.  Top Qualifier Doug Shepard had some extended pit time on his way to a 6th place finish.  Chris Wiley's troubles started in the 2nd heat and he eventually retired in the 4th heat in 7th.   John Wakamatsu problems also started in the 2nd heat, but his leg made for problem pit work, and he retired shortly after in 8th.

A really fun day of racing at Garry's Haywire Raceway!   Great weather, perfect track, super power, (Garry found a dead cell in a battery Saturday morning and went out and replaced it immediately! Great stuff!).

- John Cukras