Haywire Raceway !!Southern California H.O. Racers
Ford/Ferrari/Porsche #2

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Aaron Wakamatsu passes his H.O. racing exam while Oscar "Habib" Morales sneaks a peek at his term paper. Meanwhile Glenn Bachman and Jim Williams think they're driving the same car.

"I'll travel anywhere to race rewinds!" says San Diego's Gary "Kensington" Morgan.

Chris "Sturmring" Wiley, Rick Jocham and Milt "Race-A-Slot" Surratt ponder their navels.
Those who kicked the most SCHOR butt at Haywire Raceway wear the biggest smiles: Rick Jocham, Johnny Cukras, Jim Williams

Johnny Cukras and Jim Williams Split Amateur Event !!

Rick Jocham and John Cukras Set Track Records !!

February 20th 1999 was a great day for a race. This California winter set aside the perfect day in Simi Valley and that brought out the usual guys for another bash. Garry had his 21st Century track in perfect condition for the event, and a round of main events was the order of the day.

After meeting with some potential new racers that stopped in, the Amateurs were ready to go with their Tyco super stocks. Top Qualifier Johnny Cukras parlayed his quick time into a main event win. Jim, Glenn, and Johnny traded the lead for the first 3 heats until Johnny ran red and took over and opened it up some for the win. Jim hung tough and drove a fine race to finish 2nd. Glenn Bachman had his best race of ’99 and was just a couple of laps back in 3rd. Oscar Morales had much trouble on the tight end of the track and was 4th. Aaron Wakamatsu had many car problems this day and was 5th.

The Tomy super stocks and our Amateurs make for some great races. Glenn Bachman took off at the start of this race and with Oscar Morales in tow, they proceeded to pull out a good lead that lasted until the half way mark of the race. Then Pole Sitter Jim Williams and Johnny Cukras started to fly and charged to the front. At the finish, Jim had himself a come from behind win and was jetting. Johnny was back a bit from Jim, but had a great 2nd. Glenn podiumed again in 3rd, but in this race flirted with the lead. Oscar had the worst, and I don’t mean Brat, orange lane of the day and was 4th. Aaron Wakamatsu had still more car problems and was 5th.

Best Appearing race car competition has been Jim Williams' personal category lately, and this event was no different. I do not have the results here to report on, but I believe Jim took 1st and 2nd place, with Milt Surratt garnishing 3rd. Good Show!

The Experts were next and the Tyco super stock class was up 1st. Rick Jocham has been on a tear lately, and his win in this event just started his truly fine run over the next 3 weeks. Rick won two races today and also had wins in Arizona and San Diego. What a run! Chris Wiley kept Rick in sight this race with a good 2nd. Milt Surratt just kept on keeping on in 3rd. John Cukras took the pole in this event and stopped Rick from taking everything today! John also finished 4th. Garry Haworth had a few quick heats and was 5th. John Wakamatsu had many problems and was 6th.

The last race of the day was upon us and the Expert R/O race looked to be a good one. But, no one told Rick Jocham. Rick parlayed his Pole to record a 30 plus lap win! Wow! Milt Surratt had the lead for the 1st two heats and ended up a super 2nd. John Wakamatsu drove a splendid race to the podium in 3rd. John Cukras battled John from the start to the finish, and finished one lap down in 4th. Doug Shepard was blindingly fast, but purple and orange lane took their toll and he was 5th. Chris Wiley had a turn marshal accident with his gears and was 6th. Gary Morgan had a broken chassis and fought it for awhile until he retired in 7th.

This early warm up for the Springnats was a lot of fun, and the weather this winter has been just great on race day. Thank you Garry for a super track to race on. See you at Chris Wiley’s  for the next round. Get ready for the Springnats! Info will be sent out soon.

- John Cukras