Haywire Raceway !!
7th Annual 
Southern California H.O. Racers

Haywire Raceway thanks the following for supporting
the 7th Annual SCHOR Springnats:
RaceMasters/Tomy Inc., Mattel Inc., Life-Like Inc.,
R.E.H. Distributing, Parma International Inc.,
Slottech, Legend Racing, Ford Publishing,
Quicker Engineering, Thunderbolt Bodies,
BSRT/Scaleauto, Wizzard, Right Stuff Racing,
Rothwell Bodies, JKW Hobbies, MRT Hobbies,
Kensington Speedway, Haywire Raceway,
Jim Williams Racing

Glenn Bachman, Johnny Cukras, John Cukras, Rick Jocham,
and Mark MacVittie are Springnats Champs !!

May 22-23, 1999 - The only way to get on with this race report is to get started. Where I will start is with Haywire Raceway, set up only as Garry Haworth can to make racing a pleasure, and was it ever. Milt Surrattís track was built, brought in, and then worked perfectly in a pressure packed environment, Milt! Three unsung heroes in the SCHOR club made a big difference in this years race. Chris Wiley working with Milt on the Race-a-Slot track, Doug Shepard handling updates and live web media, and Glenn Bachman providing shelter for the troops. A giant thank you to all whom helped out.

Now some racing. The 1st race of the Springnats was the Modified í96 race on the Haywire track. Experts and Amateurs were together for this one with trophies and prizes for both. Rick Jocham was top qualifier in this race with 4 racers within 7 hundredths for the spot, it would be like this all weekend. John Cukras would get a win in this 1st race and with all pressure removed could enjoy the rest of the weekend. Son Johnny won the amateur honors in this one and wow! Greg Williams was 2nd in this one and watch for this name throughout the report. Doug Shepard was in the hunt this race and was 3rd, Mark MacVittie just a few laps off the podium was 4th. Johnny Cukras ran in 5th, and Rick Jocham had a troubled 6th. Running hard in the semiís but just out of the main were; Francis McEntee, Milt Surratt, Gary Morgan, Chris Wiley, Garry Haworth, and Jim Williams who was 2nd in amateur. Some of the guys just out of the move ups were; Glenn Bachman, who was 3rd in amateur, Dennis Tate, Eddie Torres, John Wakamatsu, Ron Colson from the Bay Area, and Aaron Wakamatsu.

Ceramic Super Stock was up and Milt Surratt won on the pole on the 1st race on his track, home track advantage? This race was a dogfight in the main event with the whole field being covered by 12 laps at the finish! Mark MacVittie from Arizona would break through and win his 1st Springnats event, congratulations! Greg Williams, I told you to watch for this, was 2nd again, but on the same lap with Chris Wiley in 3rd! Milt Surratt soldiered on to 4th in this highly competitive event. The semi drivers just out of the main were; Glenn Bachman winning his 1st Springnats prize in the amateur division, great show! Johnny Cukras taking 2nd in amateur, and Jim Williams grabbing a podium 3rd in amateur. Rusty Keyes from up north was there. Finding move ups eluding them in the consis were; Aaron Wakamatsu, John Cukras, Dennis Tate, and Francis McEntee. These guys also included; Marty Coffel, Ron Colson, Justin Coffel, Eddie Torres, John Wakamatsu, and Lee Tipps. Quite a few Bay Area, and San Diego racers in this one.

Reporting out of order this next race was for the R/O cars. Top Qualifier Dennis Tate was ready for this event, but things happen. A very close race for the top 3 finishers found Rick Jocham speed to a narrow victory. Mark MacVittie beat fellow Arizonan Greg Williams to the flag for 2nd! Greg was a fine 3rd, with Gary Morgan a super 4th. The semi driverís just out of the main this time was TQ Dennis Tate with new resolve. John Wakamatsu, Milt Surratt, John Cukras, Mike Low, and Johnny Cukras.

Best appearing racecar competition brought out a fine field of cars. Rick Jocham came out on top with his Tecate Viper, Jim Williams was 2nd and 3rd with his Toyota GT1, and Nissan GTP respectively. Dennis Tate entered an Oreca Viper and was just out of the top 3.

Three more races to go. The Tomy Super Stocks now had a go and TQ Rick Jocham was going to have his say in this one. Rick took the win with 3 amateurs in the main pushing all the way! Glenn Bachman added to his Cinderfella weekend with a 2nd win in the am ranks! Jim Williams was 2nd in am with his best finish of the weekend, Jim also took the am TQís in a couple of classes! Johnny Cukras took a 3rd this time with his best Springnats showing ever. Just back in the semis; Aaron Wakamatsu running great, Gary Morgan grabbing a 2nd in expert class with his 1st podium at the Springnats! John Wakamatsu got a fine 3rd in expert with his drive today. Mark MacVittie was there. The consy racers just out were; Greg Williams, Marty Coffel, Dennis Tate, Justin Coffel, John Wakamatsu, and Tony Ruiz.

The Tyco Modified race was up and pole sitter Mark MacVittie had a strong car. But this race belonged to John Cukras. His modified just ran away and hid. Greg Williams, that name again, added another 2nd place to his great weekend. Mark MacVittie got a 3rd out of that TQ car with just a little cushon over Gary Morgan, who was just 2 laps back in 4th! Carl Burks and Glen Simmons were 5th and 6th respectively with their 1st main events in their 1st race down here. Again just out of the main were; Jim Williams, Johnny Cukras, John Wakamatsu, and also down from the Bay Area-Rusty Keyes.

The Neo race, the one you want to win at the Springnats was now. Qualifying was unbelievable! The last eight racers to qualify all set fast time, and half broke the track record! Who got to run last? Rick Jocham squeezed all he had out of the car and got the pole, wow! Rick Jocham was on the pole, and on the top of the podium! Rick drove an outstanding race to take the win; Milt Surratt charged all the way through and was rewarded with a big 2nd. John Cukras had a pickup problem, but then cleared up to get 3rd. Garry Haworth had some big heats and was 4th. Dennis Tate faded at the end and was 5th. Chris Wiley did not turn a lap and was 6th. Just out of the main were; Jim Williams, Mark MacVittie, Eddie Torres, Mike Low, John Wakamatsu, Gary Morgan, and Doug Shepard.

We also had a round-robin IROC race with cars donated by RaceMasters. Eleven drivers bashed their way around in this fun event.

This was the 1st H.O. racing event that was carried live on the Internet. Club members Doug Shepard, Garry Haworth, and Mark MacVittie were vital in gathering media and putting updates and info on our web site. The pictures, video, and text reports added to the feeling of the awesome possibilities how todayís technology can be used to inform people of our activities.

Now is the time for our sponsors. The support that SCHORís Springnationals receives from all the playerís in the H.O. game is just fantastic. All first timers at this event marvel at the wealth of merchandise that is available to the racers. All our sponsors have been listed on our web site on an official sponsorís list and have been hyper-linked their own sites. Please support the oneís that support the sport. Thank you again and again; Racemasters/Tomy Inc., Mattel Inc., Life-Like Inc., R.E.H. Distributing, Parma International Inc., Slottech, Legend Racing, Ford Publishing, Quicker Engineering, Thunderbolt Bodies, BSRT/Scaleauto, Wizzard, Right Stuff Racing, Rothwell Bodies, JKW Hobbies, Kensington Speedway, Haywire Raceway, MRT Hobbies, Jim Williams Racing

I have to go. I do not know what else to say, Iím all talked out. A great event with thank you to all that helped, it was worth it all, and let us do it again next year!

- John Cukras

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Turn Marshall Frenzy! Mad Hatter's Consi - This is Haywire !!
"A" Consi - Winner plus laps move up! "A Semi - Movin' on up!
Late in the heat! Modified 96 Main Event lineup
Modified 96 Main Event Mod 96 Podium - "This one's for PVA"!
The loneliest part of Haywire Raceway It's Neo time!
Neo "A" Semi (round robin) Neo "B" Semi
Can you spot Chris Wiley's Neo car? Jes one o' dem Neo racin' deals!