Haywire Raceway !!
Second Annual
Haywire Turkey Shoot
Expert Modified 96

The second race up was the Expert Modified 96 class.

After the first heat it was Brian Lowe in first place, Gary Morgan in second place, and Rick Jocham in third place.

After the second heat it was Brian Lowe still in first place, Gary Morgan holding onto second place and Garry Haworth moving into third place.

After three heats Brian Lowe was still setting the pace, Garry Haworth had taken over second place and Rick Jocham moved back into third place.

When the fourth heat was over Brian Lowe was still out front, Rick Jocham moved into second and Garry Haworth dropped to third place.

In heat number five we saw Rick Jocham take the lead, Garry Haworth moved into second place and Brian Lowe dropped to third place.

When the race came to the end we saw Gary Morgan in eighth place, John Wakamatsu in seventh place, Francis McEntee in sixth place, Dennis Tate in fifth place, Milt Surratt in fourth place, Brian Lowe in third place, Garry Haworth in second place and taking his second victory of the day was Rick Jocham.

Turkey.   Brian Lowe - Rick Jocham - Garry Haworth    Turkey.

Brian Lowe - Rick Jocham - Garry Haworth