Haywire Raceway !!
Second Annual
Haywire Turkey Shoot
Qualifying Results

December 6, 1997 Simi Valley, California. It was a cold rainy day in sunny southern California. This didn’t stop the best craftsmen of the sport from pulling out the cream of their fleet for the best appearing car contest. Jim Williams was the one to shine the brightest with his 1/64th scale replica of the McDonald's/Elliot Ford Thunderbird late at night paint scheme.

The next event was qualifying. The first class to qualify was the Life-Like and Tyco Super Stock Class. All present saw the old track record fall to 2.275. Rick Jocham set the new track record for the Life-Like Tyco SS Class.

Milt Surratt and Wally

The second class to qualify was the Expert Modified 96 Class. When the dust had settled it was Garry Haworth setting on top with a new track record of 2.082.

The third class to qualify was the Amateur Modified 96 Class. After many rain delays we saw Rick Jocham pull out a close one with a new track record of 1.881.

Milt Surratt and Gary Morgan

The fourth class to qualify was the Expert Neo 35 Class. After all the parts had been swept up the famous Gary Morgan of Kensington Speedway San Diego, California laid claim to being the fastest man to go around the Premier H.O. Slot Car Raceway’s Haywire track with a time of 1.426.

The last class to qualify was the Turkey Shoot Super Stock class. The top qualifier for this class was randomly picked by the computer. The first one out of the hat was the world renowned BSRT Team racer from Maple Valley, WA Brian Lowe.

After a short break for lunch it was on to the Main Events.

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