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Easier Body Mounting With The Bullet Body Block
#BR 102
Bullet Body Mounting Block #BR 102

Installing Your Own Magnets

The pre-milled holes are slightly smaller than the magnets and allow a tight press fit.  The magnets should be flush with the top of the block and will not need to be super glued to the Lexan.

You can use either 1/2" neodymium or inexpensive Radio Shack ceramic magnets.

Neodymium magnets are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.  Your professional raceway owner can order these for you or you may write or call Mr. Jim Honeycutt, Magnetech Raceway, Box 29931, San Antonio, TX 78229-0931, (210) 599-6612.  This style of magnet is much stronger than the Radio Shack version and are offered in several sizes - 1/4" to 1/2" but only 1/16" thick.  We recommend using 1/2" diameter style and using super glue from the bottom to ensure placement flush with the top of the block.

Other Tricks To Try

1. Attach rubber "feet" to the four corners.   These1/2" square rubber "feet" are available from any hardware store and come in a variety of colors.  They have an adhesive backing which keeps them securely fastened to the bottom side of the block.  Many racers use these on our BR 102 blocks to display their show models and Concours winning slot cars.

2. Many racers like to use BR 102's as pull-out shelves in their slot car boxes to store race cars right-side-up.  Many do not like to put their cars upside down in the box as this can damage the body, bend the wings, or scratch the decals.   This also allows you to store your cars and not worry about getting "flat spots" on your tires.

There are several manufacturers who build custom-made slot boxes.   They can make you a wooden box using BR 102s as pull-out shelves. Have your raceway owner order one from any of the following:

1. Bob Manzitti, the "Sawdust Man" (517) 548-5155

2. Rich Hagy, D & R Hobbies  (201) 884-4515

3. Roger Chatham, ASRA Tech Director  (404) 995-1086

Any cabinet maker can modify an existing slot car box to accommodate BR 102s as car storage shelves.

Have you come up with any interesting ideas or unique uses for your BR 102 body block?  Please let us know!

Ray "OldNSlo" Gardner