You've ruined my last pair of hose!


Doctors do it. Bricklayers do it. Almost everybody does it. Virtually every woman in the world loves it. Men who really love the company of women pursue it. Only men who really know how to do it ever truly understand the women who love it. And these men are the ones who always seem to be the most popular at any social gathering. Why? Because they have gained something no book, no course of self-improvement will ever give self-confidence.

If men only knew how much better they could do with women if they became only moderately proficient at dancing! It is extremely unfortunate that the vast majority of men in this country view dancing as "sissy." Too many men are so concerned with their "macho image" that they refuse to admit to the world-and especially to women-that there is something they do not know or any endeavor at which they are not proficient. Men are subconsciously trained from their youth to be "big and strong". We're told that to show our true feelings and emotions is a sign of weakness. We develop egg-shell-thin egos which have to constantly be pumped up and fed like starving animals.

I hear men say, "Just give me a couple of drinks and I can dance with the best of them." This is ignorance and merely a cover-up for lack of knowledge and confidence. Alcohol and dancing go together like drinking and driving. They simply do not mix, but you don't get arrested for going onto a dance floor intoxicated. Those who do have merely lowered their inhibitions to the point when they make an ass of themselves, also use the time-worn excuse, "Well, what can you expect? I was drunk!"

Fellows...please allow me the opportunity to let you in on a BIG secret. The vast majority of the feminine gender will step completely over, around and through the good-looking, well-built, even wealthy man to get to one with far fewer attributes because the latter knows how to dance. How do I know this? I'm living, breathing proof. I don't have a great bod...I'm not what you'd call attractive...and I sure don't have piles of cash. But women? I've had the pleasure of their company...literally thousands of them...for forty years. Do I need to get more graphic? It happens all the time.

Ladies really get tired of hearing how great you are. No man will ever admit to a lady that he's a lousy lover. No...we all like to think we're the world's greatest in the bedroom. Yet 99 out of 100 will admit they either don't like to, or don't know how to dance. Many men honestly feel it is unnecessary to possess this particular skill. If you only knew!

The men who know how to dance well hope you never learn their secret. They like it the way it is. The more of you who continue to refuse to dance leaves more ladies for them. I've witnessed handsome, wealthy men crying in their beer because their wife or girlfriend left them for some guy who "swept them off their feet" at a dance or a party. Imagine how you'd feel if you came home someday to discover your lady gone. Later you find out she ran off with some guy she met and fell for because he was able to move his body gracefully in a vertical position.

If you truly enjoy the company of women and would like to have a much wider selection of them calling you on the phone or banging on your door, do yourself a huge favor. Take a few lessons. It will not only help you with the ladies, but in every other aspect of your life. You've proven you can be a success in business while feeling a bit uncomfortable in social surroundings. Dance training will solve this problem and help you in business also. More big business deals have been "sold" on dance floors by top-flight salesman than have ever been consummated on golf courses. Many a large "close" has been made to the client by his wife after she danced with the salesman who was as smooth on his feet as he is with his verbal presentation. Being even a fair dancer will help you advance your career if you can be "Mr. Smooth" with your boss' wife at the company Christmas parties. So to all you "Macho-Men," make yourself a secret promise. Look up a studio in your city and call. Make an appointment and go in for just a trial lesson or two. It doesn't hurt. It's not expensive. You won't need to tell your buddies your "secret." It'll come out soon enough when you're suddenly surrounded by lovely creatures and no longer have time to "go out with the boys."

- Ray Gardner