Put in the simplest of terms, this hobby is about the excitement of playing and actually racing miniature electric-powered replicas of full-size cars on track layouts with "grooves" or "slots" which have been cut into the surface with a router. To the thousands of enthusiasts who already build, play, and race slot cars, it is the most fun a human being can have indoors with his clothes on!  Unfortunately, the majority of men, women and children in the world have been deprived of the fun, excitement and pure joy of playing with toy cars simply because they didn’t know it was out here.

People are amazed when they finally learn what is involved in this enjoyable hobby/sport. There are numerous advantages which go well beyond the scope of mere "play." The participants quickly develop an enhanced sense of hand-eye coordination; enjoy an interactive activity with enthusiasts of both sexes and all ages; and learn sportsmanship at its highest levels. The primary benefit other than pure enjoyment is that it requires a "thinking" mind, so it teaches everyone - especially the young - hundreds of useful information which will help them as they grow to adulthood.

But the best and most useful benefit to being a slot racer are the hundreds of life-long friends you’ll make as you become involved in the fastest motor sport in the history of racing!


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