Organized Racing

Once you’ve learned to properly care for your equipment and you’ve practiced sufficiently to the point where you think you’re finally ready to enter a race, start at your local raceway. Enter at least one - maybe two of the classes of cars they race on a weekly basis. Practice your driving and turn-marshalling skills until you begin to gain confidence in your ability to compete by keeping the car in the slot.

Don’t expect immediate success because there will always be those who have been there longer, practiced a long time, built their own cars and worked on their own controllers, and entered a lot more races. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a city which has more than one commercial raceway, go to the other places and practice on tracks that are not familiar or like your "home" raceway.

We cannot begin to tell you how much you’ll improve by practicing and racing on tracks that are different than what you’re used to racing on all the time. Even if you have to travel for an hour or two…go to other tracks for the experience! When a regional race, or a series is started, enter and go to as many events as you can.

Never be afraid to enter a larger race just because you think you’re not quite as good as the other drivers. You will NEVER become as good as you can until you can compete on a regular basis with those who have had the same amount of experience as you. Most raceways do you the favor of putting you in races with others who have approximately the same driving skills an experience. As you begin to win, they will move you progressively upward until you’re competing all the time with the "big boys."