Slot Car Racing Isn't Nintendo!!

Slot car racing is not Nintendo, or similar in any way to any other type of "sedentary" activity. The only hobby that is remotely similar to slot cars is radio-control racing. You can’t "race" model trains! With rockets, there’s one "whoosh" and you strain your eyes to see where you hope you’ll be able to retrieve it once it returns to earth. It’s not boat sailing, kite flying, jigsaw puzzles or about flying airplanes. With slot racing there’s continuous high-speed "action" going on all the time! Whether you’re out there on the track by yourself just practicing; or racing against your friends, the adrenaline-pumping action is non-stop! No…you don’t sit down and never move! You’re standing up, and getting some valuable exercise walking around the track - especially when you hit that corner too fast and your car flies off!