Different Sizes And Styles Of Slot Cars

The different sizes and styles of cars are as varied in slot car racing as on the "big" circuits!  Are you a NASCAR fan? There’s plenty of NASCAR and SUPERTRUCK competition available…and in two sizes for 1/24 scale - 4" and 4.5" wheelbase. Do you thrill at the sight of open-wheel cars turning circles at Indianapolis? Do you watch television shows of road racing from places like Watkins Glen or any other race track around the world? Wouldn’t you love to drive one of those awesome machines? Well you can…and never experience any of the life-threatening accidents that plague full-size race car drivers. Just go race a slot version of your favorite class of car.

Walk into any slot shop and you’ll hear terms like "HO," "1/32nd," "1/24th" or "Drags." It can be a bit overwhelming at first as you look into the showcases at the wide variety of body styles, chassis, motors, tires of every color, and the hundreds and hundreds of parts hanging on the walls and in storage bins. Don’t panic. Your friendly and professional track owner is a member of the Track Owner’s Association and is completely knowledgeable on every facet of this hobby. He or she - yes…there are ladies who own commercial slot car raceways…is there to help you. Many of the charming ladies also race (very well, by the way) and a few have achieved national prominence, so never fear asking them questions. They will help and guide you in your purchases as well as take you through the early stages of your training. To assist you through some of the things you will encounter on your first visit, you will be exposed to at least two or three different sizes of slot cars.

Drag Racing - There’s nothing in this world short of the US Air Force’s "Stealth" fighter than can cover ground as fast as one of these earth-bound "rocket ship" slot dragsters! You simply have to see it to believe it! If you’ve ever seen a real, live drag program at your local drag strip, there’s a class for the same style car in slot racing…everything from old style cars raced using the ‘bracket’ system, up to full-size "rail" jobs like "Big Daddy Garlits" and "Cha Cha Muldowney" ran a few years ago and pros today blister a one-quarter mile strip in less than 5 seconds.

You think 1/1 dragsters are fast? Today’s 1/1 top-fuel dragsters typically turn in runs of 300-plus mph. In scale drag racing, a "rail" car can reach scale speeds of over 3000 mph!  Drag Cars can run OVER 120 actual MPH…and do it all from a standing start in only fifty-five feet using one tiny electric motor and sixteen volts of DC current!

If straight-line racing is in your blood, you’ll never experience anything like slot car drag racing!