Playing, Practicing And Racing!!

Many people become "hooked" on slot car racing merely for the fun of playing with toy cars.  They don’t care if they ever enter an organized race event and just playing is enough. For others, only the thrill and excitement of competition will "light their fire." Part of the genuine fun and challenge of slot car racing has to do with being knowledgeable enough to work on and even "build" your own race cars - as well as racing them in competition. This is another example of taking things one step at a time.

First, learn how to drive; how to properly corner marshal (replacing de slotted cars back into their correct lanes); and how to maintain and care for your own equipment. Hang around the track owner and his or her experienced racers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - even ones you might think stupid. We all had to start somewhere and most will be very gracious, willing and able to help you or any new beginner. Don’t be in a hurry to enter organized races, and understand going in that you (and everyone in the place) will lose many more races than you’ll ever win. It doesn’t matter because you’re getting into this hobby just for the fun of having something to do that’s affordable and exciting.

When the time comes that you finally DO win that first race, there’s no thrill quite like it. I can remember my first ‘win" like it was yesterday. That "yesterday" was in 1959! Now you know why I'm called "OldNSlo"!! You can never be too young or too old to race slot cars. It is one of the very few things you can do and enjoy for a lifetime!