Today's Racing Equipment

Marvelous improvements - far too many to mention - have taken place since the early days of slot car racing. Slot car tracks have racing surfaces as smooth as glass. Power is now seemingly limitless and for the most part very "clean" - meaning you don’t burn out motors like we once did so frequently in the 60’s and 70’s.

Technology continues unabated at all levels of the hobby - both at the beginning as well as the advanced levels. Motors that used to have their lives measured in minutes now last for months. Chassis that used to bend if you looked at them cross-eyed now survive numerous crashes and stay properly aligned. Tires that used to wear out after ten minutes of racing now will go an entire 40 minute race and still "tech" as legal. The original bodies, vacuum-molded from butyrate plastic which curled and cracked easily, now last for weeks because they’re made from much tougher "Lexan." Cars and equipment produced for today’s consumers are far superior to anything we had before - even as short as just ten years ago. Sure…the cost of technology can sometimes be high, and we’ve seen that transpire in slot racing as well.

Yet this hobby remains one of the last real bargains to be had in America. Leisure time activities and discretionary income continue to spiral upward. People do have more time and more money to spend on the things they truly enjoy. For us…and we hope for you who are reading this information about slot racing or are about to try it yourselves…there is nothing as enjoyable as watching a pretty miniature race car going smoothly and fast around a slot car track!