…is vital if you want to keep your racing customers or club members happy. Pit space can be just about anything you want it to be…tables, counter tops, or…you can build your own out of scrap plywood, MDF, and the 2" x 4"s you have remaining. They need to be plenty durable, and the same height as a regular table - 29" to 30" high by at least 30" to 36" from front to back. If you build your own, paint them with a primer and finish coat to match your decor.

Pit areas can be any length you wish and an 8’ table will accommodate up to three racers if they only have one slot box each and aren’t very large people. There should be one extension cord with multiple electrical outlets available every 8’ of pit space. Some folks have lots of stuff they plug in! The pit area needs to be bright with florescent lighting, although some racers will bring their own small light to light up their own area.

Should you plan to host large races, you need to figure on enough spaces to accommodate up to 24 racers for your local weekly events; 40 to 50 racers for monthly regional races; and up to 100 spaces should you ever wish to host a national USRA-type event.

Once you’re completely satisfied that everything is "kopasetic" - as good as you can possibly get it, you’re ready to open the track for business and start ringing that cash register…one of the prettiest sounds an owner can hear!

However, consider the fact that in today’s marketplace, given the high rent we all must pay for space in 1997 and in years to come, many track owners have discovered that the bare-bones minimum you should charge for track time is $10/per hour/per lane - and that’s for people who have their own equipment. Rental equipment (cars, controllers and track time) should probably rent for something in the neighborhood of $5 to $7 for 15 minutes.

The prices you charge for rental equipment has to be equal to (or come close to) the same amount a customer would pay to go bowling, play pool, miniature golf or any activity which requires the use of someone else’s equipment. Most golf courses now charge from $40, $50 or even up to $100 for a single round of 18 holes. This includes the green fee and cart rental. It can be even more if the player has to rent clubs as well. And a round of golf takes anywhere from four to five hours, so you can see the $10/per hour price you charge is right in line with other leisure time activities.

Here’s wishing you good luck and much success…whether you build your own track from the ground up, or refurbish a used one you’ve been able to purchase at a fair and reasonable price. Should you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, Ray Gardner