You canít build a good track without the right tools and equipment, and the list is lengthy. To really do the job right hereís a list of some of the tools youíll be needing:

  1. Table saw and/or radial arm saw.
  2. Circular hand saw.
  3. A GOOD router and an assortment of bits to do several jobs. (More on bits later.)
  4. Good electric drills and at least one very dependable, battery operated cordless drill and a wide variety of drill bits as well as Phillips head screwdriver attachments.
  5. Good selection of various sizes of wrenches, including both socket, ratchet, box and open-end.
  6. Hand saw, coping saw, hack saw, hole saw.
  7. Lots of other hand tools, such as good hammers, assorted regular and Phillips screwdrivers as well as sharp hand-held knives. A good pocketknife comes in handy as well.
  8. Portable sanders - one belt and one or two hand-held vibrator models, plus LOTS of sandpaper.
  9. A good volt-ohms meter to do testing while youíre doing electrical hookups.
  10. At least one large, heavy-duty vacuum sweeper. You are NOT going to believe the mess youíll create! If you build on top of carpet, it will require a STRONG vacuum cleaner to remove all the sawdust once everything else has been picked up, cleaned up, and the floor swept about six times. It will probably take you four or five passes with a Kirby (or similar) vacuum to get the stuff out of the carpet.