While you can get by without one, a real handy thing to have (or build yourself) will be a 4í x 8í heavy-duty work table, (See Illustration #11) on which to construct the individual track sections. Track building "guru" Damon DaPron, (the only U.S. commercial track builder who will manufacture MDF tracks with a bottom at no extra charge except materials) is the owner of Classic Custom Tracks. One of the first things he does on a new job site is to build him a large worktable. While a bottom is not necessary, especially if your support braces and legs are close together, another advantage to is the additional strength it gives the overall track and virtually eliminates sagging. (We actually got up and ran down the straightaway and through the high bank on one of Damonís King tracks and it didnít budge. You canít do that on tracks without a bottom.) Adding a bottom to a track also adds several extra days to the construction schedule.

Having assisted Damon previously, I can tell you this isnít as easy as it looks, especially in the high banks but adding a bottom to the straight sections isnít difficult and I recommend it. A later illustration will show you what youíll need to do because it is necessary to pre-cut two access holes on either end of bottom pieces in order to be able to get to your nuts and bolts as well as electrical connections. (See Illustration #6.)