Web Site Design And Construction Pricing

Bullet RTR Home Page: $150 less $50 TOA Member Discount with proof of membership. Includes digital conversion of your corporate logo and 3 scanned graphics.
Bullet Frame set site layout: $100
Bullet Additional web pages w/individual format and topic: $25 each.
Bullet Additional web pages w/existing format and topic: $10 each.
Bullet Image scanning and processing w/thumbnails: $5 each.
Bullet Custom logos: Email for details.
Bullet Animated Gifs: $75
Bullet Java applet $75
Bullet Interactive web form: $100
Bullet Web site search engine: $100
Bullet Bulletin boards, chat rooms, guest books, web polls, hit counters free from web based vendors
Bullet JavaScript, CGI-bin programming, relational database engines,
e-commerce solutions, video, etc. are available separately.
Email for details.
Bullet Free web site service updates for 90 days.
Bullet No charge for registration in the Slot Car Racing Web Ring.
Registration in other web rings is available upon request.
Bullet No charge web site hosting for 21st Century Tracks customers.
Bullet Have No Fear!! satisfaction guarantee. Invoice due upon publication.