Web Site Design And Construction Services

Bullet All HTML programming including meta-tags for search engine identification
Bullet Web page layout and color coordinated scheme consistent with your current print marketing literature
Bullet Choice and style of custom bordered or tiled background
Bullet Digital conversion of your corporate logo
Bullet Complete text document scanning
Bullet Accessory graphics including bars, buttons, accents, etc.
Bullet Two scanned photos per page including image editing, download optimization, color balancing, and thumbnails
Bullet Background theme music upon request
Bullet Unlimited hyperlinks both within your site and out to the internet.
Never a bad link!
Bullet Registration in the Slot Car Racing Web Ring
Bullet Framed/Non-Framed pages available
Bullet Bulletin boards, chat rooms, guestbooks and web polls available
Bullet JavaScript, CGI-BIN programming, Java applets, relational database engines, interactive forms, e-commerce solutions, video, etc. are available separately. Email for details
Bullet Pre-publication site review at www.GOFASTEST.com
Bullet Web site published to your domain (site ID required)