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April 1998

Go Slot Car Racing !!

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Zeppelin Hobbies & Raceway

A Neat Place To Get Neat Stuff !!

Zeppelin Hobbies & Raceway
Lou and Sue Ballini
Riverdale Square
92 Route 23 North
Riverdale, N.J.  07457-1200
Phone: (973) 831-7717
Fax: (973) 831-5989


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Got a hobby?   Need a hobby?
Zeppelin Hobbies & Raceway can supply you!
"But Dad... you drove too fast in the corner!"
If it's not available at Zeppelin Hobbies it's just not available! Need balsa wood, paint or paint supplies?
Aisle #1 looking towards slot racing area and tracks Hundreds of rockets - some hanging from the ceiling
View from R/C register Zeppelin's H.O. scale road course

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