Article XIX - Trade Show Exhibits

  1. Arrangements for Trade Show exhibit facilities and hotel space shall be contracted for preferably one year in advance.
  • Amendment No. 4. Adopted at Board of Directors Meeting in 1995.  The Board of Directors may choose a convention and travel agency and its representative to research future Trade Show and Convention locations, including cities, hotels, restaurants, airline travel and rental car arrangements as voted upon by Members in Good standing at the Annual Meeting with advise from the current Officers and Board of Directors.
  1. Exhibits. The rental or use of display space at the annual TOA Trade Shows and Conventions, or exhibits sponsored and promoted by this Association, shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Amendment No. 5. Adopted by Board of Directors Meeting in 1996.  The Board of Directors appoints the Manufacturer Representative to the Board of Directors to serve as Convention Coordinator, working closely with the convention and travel agency representative to aid and facilitate the location and placement of display booths in accordance with reservation and payment of fees associated with said annual trade show.