Article XX - Standing Resolutions

  1. Adoption of Standing Resolutions.  Upon a sixty percent (60%) vote of the Voting Members of the Association who are present and voting at the Annual Meeting, the members may adopt, amend or rescind a Standing Resolution.  Upon a two-thirds vote of the Members of the Board of Directors present and voting, the Directors may adopt, amend or rescind a Standing Resolution, provided that any Standing Resolution adopted, amended or rescinded by the Board of Directors shall be subject to rescission by a majority vote of the Members.  The Board of Directors shall not have any power to re-adopt any Standing Resolution, which may have been rescinded by the Members.  Standing Resolutions shall be adopted to establish annual dues and dues categories, standing committees, and such other matters as are necessary, appropriate or helpful to carry out the purposes of the Association.
  1. Publication.  All Standing Resolutions not listed in updated versions of these Bylaws shall be published by the Association for distribution to the members.   Printing of Standing Resolutions as adopted and voted upon by the Members shall be a part of the regular TOA publication newsletter.