Article VI - Dues

  1. Amount of Dues.  Annual membership dues for each classification of Association membership (and assessments, if any) shall be fixed from time to time by Standing Resolution adopted in the manner set forth in Section 20,A.
  2. Payment of Dues.  Dues for each Calendar year shall be payable on or before January 1st of each year.  A Member will be delinquent after March 1st for non-payment of any dues or assessments.
  3. Automatic Termination.  Any Member delinquent in payment of dues or assessments for sixty days will automatically have membership terminated.  Any Member whose membership has been terminated for non-payment of dues or assessments may not again join the Association until all dues and assessments (owing at the time of termination) and an additional ten percent charge of the delinquent amount shall have been paid.