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August 1988

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Mr. Masayuki Banno's
Racing Paradise/Banno Project
No. 2-6 Shioiri-cho
Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone: 001-0468-22-1778
Fax: 001-0468-22-1989

Racing Paradise
Racing Paradise/Banno Project

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Racing Paradise with unique arched gateway motif Challenging six lane 45 meter road course in Yokohama Mr. Banno with his good friends Kayoko and Lex Miller
All the racing members from Paradise Raceway in Yokosuka Every concours quality Porsche GT-1 entry is a Pla-Fit RTR Of course owner Mr. Banno gets to mashall the high bank!
Two views of the gorgeous Diorama three lane 25 meter layout in Yokosuka Twelve beautifully detailed GP-C cars ready to race
LED Racing System designed and built by Mr. Banno GT race winners (l-r): Takase (2nd) Maki (1st) Sano (3rd) 1998 championship series members in Yokosuka
1998 NASCAR racing members in Yokohama GT race series champions (l-r) Aizawa (2nd) Narisawa (1st) Nagai (3rd) with edible prizes! Mr. Banno's demanding six lane road course in Yokosuka

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