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August 1999

Go Slot Car Racing !!

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Ronnie Cox's
Need For Speed

2103 Dayton Blvd.
Chattanooga, Tn. 7415
(423) 876-9019
Got the Need For Speed? Click any image for a larger view Simon (l) & Ronnie Cox (r)
Jerry on the director stand The Daytona Tri-Oval Tri-Oval corner &  sales area
Simon & Chase on the Hillclimb Group 10 racing on the Hillclimb (l-r) Jonathon, Johnny, Andy, Wayne, and Jerry

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…is a great name for a slot car raceway and just happens to be the TOA Newsletter featured cover story for this month.

Ronnie Cox, the owner/operator of this new facility has made a lot of folks in Chattanooga happy because they haven’t had a commercial raceway for a couple of years and you know there had to be a lot of itchy trigger fingers chomping at the bit!

There might be some who perhaps thought they needed to visit their local ophthalmologist for an eye exam after stoking on the pictures Ronnie sent. You’re OK…they were Polaroid’s and by the time we scanned and enlarged a small amount the pictures ended up a bit on the fuzzy side. But they still show a nice facility located in the valley just below Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. If you ever get that way, be sure to stop in and play with your cars and meet the fine folks at Need For Speed Raceway.

Ronnie’s tracks – 60’ Drag Strip, 98’ Daytona Tri-Oval and high-banked 168’ Hillclimb – were manufactured by Ogilvie and Hasse with computerized race directing and lap counting system by Pro Race Design.

The racers are currently enjoying active racing programs for Group 10 NASCAR, stock Group 10 Flexi®, GTP and 24th Eurosport using USRA rules. Cars are always teched before races as Mr. Cox "inherited" a few racers who often look for ways to "creatively interpret the rules."

Track time is wisely sold for $10/hour or 15-minute increments for $3. Race entry fees are very affordable at $6/adults and $4/junior racers. Ronnie reports he averages around 12 adults and 6 juniors per weekly race and he requires they use lane change cards between heats.

Being new to the area Need For Speed Raceway is currently open seven days a week with at least one organized race scheduled every evening. Qualifications are run to determine lane choice for straight rotation and all main event racing.

Mr. Cox’s closest raceway competitor is some 60 miles distant but has been friendly and helpful. As of the moment there are no race series being conducted between stores.

Ronnie advertises often and has enjoyed his best results from Yellow Pages, flyers and coupons. Need For Speed is currently using two distributors and reports their best selling items thus far have been manufactured by Parma. They currently state no complaints to this point. (I guess other than lack of sleep!)

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