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December 1999

Go Slot Car Racing !!

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Eddie and Shirley McDaniel 's
Victory Lane Raceway
424 Cassville Road
Cartersville, GA 30120
Phone: 770-386-3664
Fax: 770-382-0891
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Proud owners Shirley & Eddie at their new sales counter.

Buddies for life - or at least until the next race starts!

Victory Lane's "old pro" Eddie McDaniel hard at work on opening day - 10/31/99. Hey guys! Last week I didn't know what a slot car looked like! Now look at me!
First Victory Lane race on the Figure 8. Drivers are divided into four at each end.
Georgia's fastest quarter mile track- a Silky oval. Dramamine anyone? 4.5" Hardbody racing action.
What TOA is all about! TOA member Anthony Osborn from Winners Circle in Cedartown giving driving lessons to new customers at Victory Lane's grand opening race
A slot car raceway is family fun for all ages! It was a packed house for that first race! Victory Lane's first customer Danny Duval asking if he can run his Group 7 motor in the stock 16D NASCAR class.

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Hello to all from Victory Lane Model Raceway! We are celebrating our first week in business, and have exciting news for all those interested in Slot Car Racing, Modeling, and in general Hobbies of all kinds.

We are located at 424 Grassdale Road in Cartersville, Georgia (40 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia) and although we are small at the moment, we already have plans for expansion for our customers and newcomers alike. Victory Lane has two tracks for our customers enjoyment, a 100’ figure eight track which everyone has found to be quite challenging, and a 65’ oval track which has been referred to as the "Fastest Scale 1/4 mile track’ in the South". We carry a large selection of ready-to-run cars, car kits, parts, and models and take special orders for our customers, as well as Custom-Built Cars by our Victory Lane "OLD PRO". These include our own ‘Special Hardbody Class" for the older 1960’s era customers who remember better times and really enjoy building their custom cars. We will begin our racing programs in December as we are trying to allow time for our customers and regulars to get their cars in good running condition and get used to the tracks and racing programs.

We are offering Seminars (one each Saturday morning) for 5 weeks on: (1) General Maintenance and Repairing, (2) Chassis, (3) Motorworks and Gearing, (4) Bodyworks (Lexan and Hard Body) (5) Racing Rules and our Racing Program, within the next two weeks. We hope that this will help everyone in our area that is interested in getting a better understanding of their cars and enable them to really maximize their efforts when the actual racing begins! For those not able to attend one or all of our seminars we will be video taping them at the time of the seminar and the tapes can later be checked out at our service counter.

Our Grand Opening week went extremely well. The festivities included two drawings, one special In-House drawing (must be present to win at the time of the drawing), and one for anyone coming by our store (need not be present to win). We gave away to the Grand Prize Winner of each drawing a FREE 4" Flexi-Car with a 4 Ohm Sebring Controller. Second Place won (1) hour FREE track time w/car and controller rental, and Third Place won (30) minutes FREE track time w/car and controller rental. We also had 3 additional winners of 15 minutes FREE track time w/rentals, and everyone present at the time of the drawing received (30) minutes track time just for being there. Everyone who attended had a wonderful time.

To top off our Grand Opening week a group from our neighboring track, The Winner’s Circle in Cedartown, Georgia came over to assist us in our new computerized racing program for the figure eight track and "wowed" our customers by putting on our first race ever! While unfamiliar with our track, the whole gang performed wonderfully, and the evening was charged with excitement and anticipation. The First Place winner of the race, Bill, won $20.00 for his efforts. Coming in at Second Place was the owner of The Winners Circle, Anthony (Hang) winning $15.00, and finally finishing up in Third Place was Dean winning $5.00.

Although the purse was small (due to only 8 racers), the ‘Cedartown Boys’ were having a whole lot of fun and had the chance to "STRUT THEIR STUFF" for our racers-to-be. Who knows, we may yet get a little healthy competition going yet! HA! HA! We will keep you advised as we progress to the racing/competition phase grows closer.

We have run into our fair share of problems along the way. We started off in a building a little small to do everything that we really wanted to do from the start, which was to cover Hobbies of all interests as well as Slot Car Racing. For two months we worked hard to get the building up to code (wheelchair accessible, etc.) before we could finally hang out our shingle. At the moment our biggest problem is supply and demand. We cannot seem to get in inventory fast enough and it really sells quickly. We have had to order on the average of 3 times per week just to keep up with our customers! This is terrific though, because it only means that interest is really peaking! The response to our Birthday Parties, Special groups (boy scouts, girl scouts, school groups, church groups, senior citizens groups) is just starting to peak in interest, and my calendar is filling up as we speak. much to do...not enough hours in the day!!! But all in all, this has been a wonderful experience and it does my heart a world of good when I see the faces of the children (YOUNG AND OLD ALIKE) while they are at our track. And the people that I have had the honor to be associated with at the TOA; Anthony Osborn and his wife at Winners Circle, and the wonderful folks in Gainesville have helped us so much we could not have gotten this far without them! It truly is ‘one big happy family and we are blessed to be a part of that family.

Our future attractions (within the next 6 months) will be:
(1) a larger facility
(2) new, larger tracks, to include a drag strip
(3) a much larger sales/service counter (we must increase the "OLD PRO’S workspace!)
(5) a larger selection in inventory including Hobby’s of all kinds.

We do have an agenda at Victory Lane and that is for every one who visits Victory Lane Model Raceway has a good time without the foolishness that sometimes gets wrongfully associated with it. We are a family-oriented establishment. We are always open to suggestions that will better serve our community and our customers. We believe that everyone walking in or out our doors is truly "A Winner" and the only real losers are those who try to behave badly enough to ruin the fun for everyone around them.

We’re having one heck-of-a-good-time here in Cartersville, Georgia.....Stop by and see us when you can! We’d love to have you!

Eddie and Shirley McDaniel

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