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January 1999

Go Slot Car Racing !!

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"Downtown Don" Purdy's
Slot Car Warehouse
5400 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #N
Concord, CA  94518
Phone: (925) 672-0618
When Don speaks people listen - here giving his welcoming speech to NSCA drivers and telling one and all the primary goal is to have fun first!
Lineup for 1st heat - 4.5" NSCA Stockcar race A-Stock Expert Division at Slot Car Warehouse
Just a small portion of the extensive Slot Car Warehouse inventory

Six foot Blimpie sandwich devoured by hungry racers in 11 minutes!

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In order to get our cover story for this issue we resorted to using some of the pictures from one of TOA’s newest Board Members – "Downtown Don" Purdy’s Slot Car Warehouse and the results of his ’98 Season Opener for the NorCal Slot Car Association.  Don sent along a short letter and the results from the first events for seven classes of cars.

Don writes, "The Norcal Slot Car Association featured flexi-style stock cars and trucks in both 4" A-Stock Expert; A-Stock Advanced; B-Stock Expert; B-Stock Advanced, as well as 4.5" Stockcar Expert; Stockcar Advanced; and Supertrucks."

Slot Car Warehouse is celebrating their fourth season of racing the NSCA series, founded and run by "Downtown Don" in Concord, California.  The first race was a huge success, drawing 102 entries.  This proves once again that this type and scale of racing is not only competitive in series form, but also a fun-filled activity for slot car racers in the area.

Don reports that "A slight change in the rules and modifications for this year’s series kept NORCAL Tech Director Monty Heath busy all day long!"

Before the days activities began, the racers managed to devour a six-foot Blimpie sandwich in a record 11-minutes – a new "world record" according to the folks in California.  Don reports a good time was had by all…but then he will not ever settle for anything less.

We don’t have the full story on Downtown Don’s Slot Car Warehouse, but we can tell you that prior to his taking ownership the location was about to close.  The former owner was down to his "last six or seven regular customers" and they weren’t spending any money any more.  Don raced there, as well as several other places in the area, and liked the location.  When the man offered to sell it to him, Don said, "I couldn’t write the check fast enough!!"

Some changes were put into effect immediately.  First, Don called together the former "regulars" and said, "Guys…I hate to tell you this, but I think you’ll be better off if you find someplace else to race and play.  I’m changing the rules today."  And he did, so they left.

Don instituted new programs of very affordable low-end equipment and racing and the rest, as they say, is history.  He formed the NorCal Slot Car Association, and they came up with a set of no-nonsense rules where Rule Number One is Have Fun First.

It must be working, because Don gave an excellent seminar at the TOA Convention last June in Reno, Nevada which subsequently led to his election to the Board of Directors.

We apologize because the pictures are a little on the dark side and do not really show Don’s store the way it really is…very tastefully decorated and full of fun-loving, energetic folks who love racing affordable slot cars.

Downtown Don Purdy’s Slot Car Warehouse is successful and he will be the first to tell you that he makes a good living…a V-E-R-Y good living.  And he doesn’t do this all by himself either.   His lovely and gracious bride Carolyn Purdy is equally involved in the daily operation of the store.  She takes pride in their accomplishments because she’s there by his side.  Step by step, they guide the racers of NSCA to the enjoyment and fun of playing with the world’s fastest motor sport cars.

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