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Featured Raceway - March 1998
J & M R/C Hobbies, Inc.
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We’d like to thank TOA owner/members JO and MIKE SMITH for filling in very quickly by getting us the pictures and an article on very short notice.  Originally we had planned to wait until they got into their brand new building but pressed them into sending this to us for this issue.

J & M R/C Hobbies opened their doors on September 10, 1995.  Mike and Jo originally intended to open a shop which caters primarily to radio control hobby enthusiasts.  However, they ended up with a slot car track as well when they bought out a hobby shop in North Carolina.

The current J & M R/C Hobbies is located in a building which has 14,400 sq. ft. and was originally a grocery store in Evanston Plaza in North Charleston, South Carolina.  Their current slotcar track is a Damon DaPron/Classic Custom 172’ Hillclimb.  The shop also features an indoor R/C oval which has a lap length of 244’.

Mike and Jo’s product lines include R/C airplanes, boats, cars, trucks, slot cars, model rockets, balsa wood, and their most recent addition - model railroads.

Slot car races are held every Friday evening and for the first year they raced all classes every week.  At the present time, 4.5" NASCAR and NASTRUCK with Super 16D’s and the new 4.5" Parma First Class Racing cars alternate with 4" 16D and Super 16D GTP models.  Products offered at J & M are mainly for the lower cost classes but with "Service as their Motto," Jo or Mike will special order any item that is requested and orders are placed on a weekly basis for all their product lines.

J & M offers many services, including FREE slot car races using their rental cars and controllers for youth groups such as the local Cub Scouts - although they say it is commonly believed the parents actually have more fun than the kids! J & M also conducts many slot car birthday parties.

The current business plan for J & M Hobbies includes a move to a newer facility so they will be able to have a much larger outdoor R/C track as well as adding more floor space to install two or three more new slot car tracks as well as a new Drag Strip.  Their plans call for this new shop to be located nearer a majority of their customer base.

For information concerning J & M R/C Hobbies, contact:

5341 Dorchester Road
North Charleston, South Carolina 29418
Phone: 803-552-9449
Fax: 803-552-9437

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