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May 1998 Special Feature
Slick7 Drag Racing

Drag raceways not only need work to make them a success, but track quality and voltage is critical, especially if the track owner wishes to develop a loyal, high-end (i.e. "big bucks") following.  The serious guys get really upset when track voltage is cranks up over the legal limit (16.0 as specified by the SDRA).  This is because drag racing is more a "numbers game," and if you wear out equipment and go fast, they would like the record to count - not be discounted because the voltage was too high.

So…it is very important…work on the power system to provide a maximum of 16.0 volts.  Design the system with enough capacity so the voltage stays at a constant 16 volts during the racing.  This is a tall order since drag cars surge over 200 amps each coming off the start line.

The second issue I’d like to bring up is the fact that serious drag racers spend serious money at the tracks - providing the track owner has the equipment to sell!!! I get calls from racers all the time, willing to pay ABOVE RETAIL, just so they can get the part they’re looking for.  Slick 7 has continually protected the track owners by refusing to sell to the racers.  I always send them to the raceways because we do not have time to deal this way and this also tells me these customers are not looking for deals the same way wing car racers do.

In your text copy this issue, you reported discussions concerning entry level and mid-level chassis designs and EDM in the same sentence. Asking us at Slick 7, or Stuart at Koford, or Joel at Camen - as manufacturers who do their own EDM chassis - and you will find that this process is quite expensive.   Suggesting to track owners that an inexpensive EDM chassis could be made available is misleading.  Some manufacturers are using Laser cutting; others EDM - and many people do not understand that the two processes are technically quite different.  The EDM process produces much higher-quality parts.  I just wanted to let everyone know that EDM is the premier process for chassis fabrication. Since this is needed only on the most exotic designs - and it will be expensive!

For the printed record, below are the names of the Slick 7 Racing Team. (ED.: If anyone shows up at your raceway claiming to be a Team Member of Slick 7, and their name isn’t one of the following, please let Mr. Garriga know immediately!)

  1. Mike Aceves - "The Boss" - Sponsored racer for Nor-Cal and Slick 7 employee.
  2. Mark Yamamoto - Sponsored Wing Car Racer
  3. Jim Chapman - Sponsored Drag Racer for So-Cal.
  4. Calvin "Boobie" Blawkenship - Sponsored Nor-Cal Drag Racer for "C"-can classes.
  5. Phil Eddy - Non-Sponsored Team Racer. We help him at the races and he provides us feedback.

NOTE: This is ALL of the Slick 7 Drag team, made up of 3 sponsored racers and one of 3 sponsored wing racers.

Feel free to e-mail me on any issue and I will be happy to provide feedback.


Rudy Garriga
Slick 7 Products
3270 Keller Street - #109
Santa Clara, California 95054
Ph: 408-748-1910
Fax: 408-748-1902



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