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TOA Membership

Why should anyone join TOA and pay annual dues?
Are you just getting a monthly newsletter?
Is the only benefit attending the convention with no cover charge?


1. TOA has it's own Official TOA Convention Planner and Travel Agent in Mrs. Teressa Pattillo. She researches sites for TOA members to vote upon and provides constant and continuous travel agent services, providing the best possible and lowest airfares, rental car rates and hotel room accommodations anywhere in the world. By using her services, members help TOA to continue offering the lowest rates at our annual convention sites. It pays to say "TOA"!. Contact Mrs. Teressa Pattillo at 1-800-544-2307.

2. TOA offers all members Free E-Mail service if you have a personal computer and at least a 28.8 bps modem through Juno. There are also dozens of other free e-mail services available at the click of a mouse.

3. TOA members get automatic Links to the TOA Web site of either (or both) their raceway and business. Your own web site is thus connected with every other TOA member web site on the internet. Also, free web site hosting at, TOA's own top level domain, is another valuable benefit to TOA members who have web sites.  This benefit alone is worth $250/year.

4. TOA uses the discount long-distance carrier QUEST which all members can sign up with and receive the same discounted long distance rates. (We are now at 5 cents per minutes on the home office phone lines.)

5. TOA members may sign up for full credit card services using our Official representative from NOVA Financial Services with home offices in Atlanta.  TOA members can get terminals, printers, and all their services at the same rates or even more affordably than through the usual banking connections.

6. TOA members always receive prompt and courteous service through member distributors such as Crawley (Florida), Eagle (Oklahoma), ERI, (New York), Gonsalves (Massachusetts), REH (Ohio), Scale Auto HO (Washington), Speed Star (Florida), Wizzard (Pennsylvania), and Auto Slot Argentina (South America).

7. TOA members are usually the first to know about any new slot car items coming from the manufacturers and when they'll be on the shelves at the distributors. TOA member manufacturers are asked regularly to please notify TOA with new product releases well in advance of shipment and these announcements are published in the TOA Newsletter every month.

8. TOA member raceways are asked to complete and send in a Member Survey with their first dues payment when they join. This information is used to help publicize the opening of each new member's raceway.

9. TOA also encourages each TOA member to send us photos of their new raceway which TOA uses as feature cover stories in the TOA newsletter. These photos are also posted on the TOA web site so everyone around the world can see your dream come true.

10. TOA manufacturer or distributor affiliate members wishing to attend the annual Trade Show and Convention may contact Mr. Steve Koepp of Parma International, Inc. at 440-237-8650. Steve is the Official Convention Chairman and Manufacturer Representative on the TOA Board.

11. TOA members are some of the most generous, unselfish, considerate people in the world - totally and completely unafraid to share their wealth of knowledge with anyone who asks. Most do not fear another raceway coming into their area - because the more the merrier and the better for all. Much of the knowledge and information which is available through the TOA and its members is so valuable it would be impossible to put a price tag on it, but you can get it here for the price of annual dues.

12. Don't forget the TOA Newsletter...the monthly forum which is an ongoing link between track owners, distributors, manufacturers and all other phases of this fascinating slot car industry.


While some people would like it, TOA is not now - nor has TOA ever been - nor will TOA ever be a "Policeman."  TOA cannot go spank the evil doers who, because of greed and avarice, violate good business procedures and practices and trod upon the profits of respectable business men and women.  TOA cannot have someone arrested for selling parts in a raceway parking lot which they received free or at a discount by being (quote/unquote) a "team driver" for such-and-such manufacturer.  TOA takes no position regarding any manufacturer wishing to design, manufacture, test, market and sell any slot car equipment they want - so long as the items in question are those which track owners have asked for and need to sell in order to make a profit.

No...TOA knew going in that we could never be all things to all people, no matter how desirable that scenario would be.

But...TOA does offer some nifty pearls of wisdom to anyone who asks or needs them.


Because the history of commercial slot car racing is strewn with the carcasses of literally thousands of dead and closed raceways, TOA found it necessary to utilize the smartest brains in this industry to put together a complete "How To" information package.  Actually, it's more of a large box than a package and would take the recipient at least a solid week of spare time reading to go through and comprehend completely.

TOA's purpose for providing this information is simple and direct.  We abhor hearing about people who put forth the vast sums of money, time and energy it takes to open a full fledged commercial raceway, only to see it fail within a few short years.


The complete TOA Information Packet contains hundreds of articles including TOA's own book written especially for those new to the slot car industry.  "If You Are Thinking About Opening A Commercial Raceway" covers absolutely everything you'll need to know and think about before you spend another dime!   Also included is TOA's booklet "How To Create A Business Plan" should you need to seek funding other than your own.

For immediate delivery of the TOA Information Packet please submit a money order, cashier's check, or provide TOA with a valid Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date.  The charge is $59.95 plus $7 Priority Mail shipping or $99.95 by airmail to overseas locations.  Personal checks must first clear the TOA bank account in Atlanta before the TOA Information Packet can be mailed.

Included in the package of information is a one page TOA membership Application Form should you, as a prospective new raceway owner, wish to go ahead and join TOA now, even before you officially open for business to the general public.

A "commercial slot racing center" must be open at least one or more nights per week to the general public, charging the minimum suggested retail price for merchandise items you've bought through one or more distributors.   You must also be able to provide distributors with photocopies of your Federal ID tax number and your local area business license number.

Once your new business is ready to launch, TOA asks that you submit the TOA Member Survey, along with photographs of your new raceway to be featured on the cover of an upcoming TOA Newsletter.


You are invited to add your voice and presence to TOA. There is strength in numbers, and being an active member of TOA does help get your message across to those with open ears and minds, the very ones who are the catalysts for progress in the first place.

TOA is constantly on the lookout for those who will contribute to the betterment of the Association, the TOA Newsletter and the slot car industry as a whole. There is nothing that is as much fun as racing slot cars and TOA's goal is for each of us to get at least one new person a week to try it.

If you have any ideas to help TOA help you, don't hesitate for a moment to contact us.

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