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Michigan/Ohio UFHORA 2002 - Spring Race #1
Flat Rock HO Speedway

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Amateur S/S - 3 Minute Main
Jay Minna P-2 294
Mike Miller P-3 277
Lon Burling P-3 268/2
Bob Cole P-3 268/0
Matt Bullock P-2 263
Jeff Morgan P-3 260
Pro S/S - 5 Minute Main
Tony Rich P-3 504
Dave Bogosian P-3 489
Ben Naelitz Panther 488
Doug Shepard P-3 462
Bill Graffius Panther 459
John Roe P-3 442
Amateur Modified - 3 Minute Main
Lon Burlington P-2 344
Matt Bullock P-3 331
Ted Golec P-2 290
Nathan Jiskra ?? 276
Bob Cole SG 260
Aaron Jiskra ?? 184
Pro Modified - 5 Minute Main
Dave Bogosian P-3 640
Ben Naelitz P-2 618
Bill Graffious P-2 586
John Jiskra SG 350
Mike Werthimer P-3 348
John Roe P-3 271
R/O - 5 Minute Main
Dave Bogosian P-3 647
Ben Naelitz P-2 618
Jay Minna P-3 590
John Roe P-3 571
Matt Bullock TYCO! 540
Mike Wertheimer P-3 511

Michigan/Ohio UFHORA kicked off its 2002 season at the Flat Rock HO Speedway. A total of 23 racers enjoyed a day of fast, furious racing fun. The season opener featured racing in three classes.  Super Stock, Modified, and Restricted Open. The racers included out of state guests from Indiana John Roe. From Ohio Ben Naelitz, Bill Graffius, Lon Burling, Jeff Zuccarell, and Mike Wertheimer. All the Michigan UFHORA guys welcome them, and hope to see them at many future events!

The race day began with Super Stock. Jay “young punk” Minna drove a smooth P-2 to a win in the amateur class, logging 297 laps. Followed by Mike Miller, and Lon Burling. In the Pro class Tony Rich drove a P-3, pacing his car well, and staying out of trouble, turning in 504 laps in the 5-minute event.  Followed by Dave Bogosian, and Ben Naelitz.

The modified class upped the pace. Lon Burling from Toledo HO Speedway took the amateur class followed by Matt Bullock and Ted Golec. In the Pro’s the home track advantage would be tough to overcome as race host Dave Bogosian logged 640 laps, while being chased by Ben Naelitz, and Bill Grafius.

Last on the agenda was Restricted open, and the home track would work in favor again as Dave took the win with 647 laps. Ben Naelitz was second, and in a magnificent performance by a youngster. Jay “young punk” Minna would overcome some mechanical problems to reel in third place!

A special thanks to our race host Dave Bogosian, and his wife Lillian. To our sponsors at Nankin hardware and Hobby in Westland Michigan. Wizzard High Performance in Bedford PA. To Ted Golec,  Mike Miller, and John Roe for helping set up the race. Last but not least to Doug Shepard, for his editing, photographic, and web hosting help! Hope to see everybody next month at Toledo HO Speedway!