21st Century Tracks TRACK ACCESSORIES

Custom Face Plates - The Finishing Touch

Custom Face Plate Set
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Set of 2 $50
Set of 4 $95
Set of 6 $125
Set of 8 $150
CNC machined solid polycarbonate Custom White/Black/Red coded jacks
Face plates are color keyed to each lane Flush mounting attachment screws included
Back painted lane color designation Mounting specifications included

Custom Continuous Rail - The Only Way To Fly

Custom Continuous Track Rail
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$.20/ft. - Minimum 500 ft.
Custom one-piece continuous steel track rail is soft tempered and smooth edged.  Specially designed for professional quality installation   Lane color coding for 1/16" slots is included with custom track rail.  Other rail slot widths are available.
High performance rail is  .018"x.125" thick for superior electrical conductivity and maximum magnetic down force All rail lengths are precut and precisely coiled to suit your own track layout requirements

Magnetic Reed Switches - The Elegant Solution

Custom Magnetic Reed Switches
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Set of 2 $10
Set of 4 $20
Set of 6 $30
Set of 8 $40
Custom electronic components Wide brass arms prevent false lap counting
Eliminate the dreaded "dead strip" Configured for accurate installation
No need for a clumsy light bar Installation Guidelines included

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