ACE Products are available through:
Buena Park Raceway
6161 Lincoln Ave.
Buena Park, Ca.  90620
Phone: (714)
(714) 827-9932

ACE Competition Engineering

ACE- #140 Box Stock Chassis!!

Spring steel, plated design based on the ACE Cobalt 12 & ACE G27/G7 chassis.

USRA approved and available at Buena Park Raceway! Order at or call (714) 827-9979 during regular business hours. First come, first served!

ACE- #010 Cobalt Chassis, Complete Kit $130.00
ACE- #020 Cobalt Chassis, Assembled $175.00
ACE- #030 G-27/G-7 Chassis, Complete Kit $130.00
ACE- #040 G-27/G-7 Chassis, Assembled $175.00
ACE- #050 Pillow Blocks C-12/G27/G7 VDNC* $10.00
ACE- #060 Motor Brace C-12/G27/G7 VDNC* $8.00
ACE- #070 Top Brace C-12/G27/G7 VDNC* $5.00
ACE- #080 Front/Rear Bumper Mounts, Complete Kit $12.00
ACE- #090 Guide Tongue, Matrix Aluminum VDNC* $12.00
ACE- #100 Pin Tube Kit, Lt. Weight Alum. VDNC* $6.00
ACE- #110 Cobalt-12 Magnets, Singles, 2pcs. $65.00
ACE- #120 Cobalt-12 Magnets, Quads, 4pcs. $80.00
ACE- #130 PK No Spin Acid Flux, 7 oz. $6.50
* VDNC - Vacuum Deposited Nickel Coated

ACE Custom Motors, Rollers or Complete Ready to Race Cars
are available for Cobalt-12/G-27/G-7
All Chassis are Matrix Aluminum VDNC Coated, bearings included

ACE Chassis/Magnets Win, TQ & Set Records
At 1999 USRA National Championships

Connie Aloise 1st Place, TQ & Lap Track Record: Cobalt-12
Jim Swofford 3rd Place, Chassis/Magnets: Cobalt-12
Forrest Watchers 2nd Place & TQ, Chassis: Group-27 Amateur
Mike Graverson 4th Place, Chassis: Group-27 Amateur
Carlos Aloise 1st Place, TQ & Track Record: Group-27 Warm-up
Connie Aloise 4th Place, Chassis: Group-27 Warm-up
Mike Graverson 5th Place, Chassis: Group-27 Warm-up
Carlos Aloise 4th Place, TQ & Track Record, Chassis: Group-27 Pro
Connie Aloise 6th Place, Chassis: Group-27 Pro
Mike Graverson 6th Place, Chassis: Group-7 Semi-Pro
Connie Aloise 7th Place & TQ, Chassis: Group-7 Semi-Pro
Carlos Aloise 5th Place & TQ, Chassis: Group-7 Warm-up
Richard Curnutte 1st Place, Chassis: Group-7 Seniors
Jim Swofford 2nd Place, Chassis: Group-7 Seniors
Gil Gunderson 6th Place, Chassis: Group-7 Seniors
John Tore Anderson 2nd Place, Chassis: Group-7 Pro
Carlos Aloise 8th Place, TQ & Track Record, Chassis: Group-7 Pro

We accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders
US Postal Service; Priority; UPS; Ground; Fed-Ex Red/Blue Label;
(Shipping & Insurance charges will be added to orders)
We also ship International Orders
There may be a waiting list for some items
Please call ahead for current availability

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